Your weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 20th August 2018

Aries – King of Pentacles
Gorgeous Aries!  You are an abundance magnet this week, money is likely to be on your mind and improving your lot in some way is on the cards too. The King of Pentacles is giving you that power and discipline to achieve success and material well-being this week. You could find yourself thinking about abundance and money, there could be a hyper-focus on an improvement of your social status.  This drive and ambition could see a career advancement or promotion on its way to you.  There also seems to be an increase in self-worth and therefore you are attracting more net-worth and money to you.  You could be inclined to focus entirely on wealth and you could subconsciously undervalue other important areas of your life.  Remember that it’s fab to enjoy life’s bounty and riches, but having quality time with your bae, best pals and family is incredibly important for a balanced and happy life.
Taurus – Eight of Cups
Bless you, sweet Taurus, there’s likely to be a situation that you’ve frankly had enough of this week, you could be feeling quite tired of a circumstance and may be exhausted from trying to do all you can to rectify something.  The Eight of Cups tells us that there could be a need to walk away from something for the meantime, this could manifest as simply emotionally detaching yourself from something, you could have a realisation that giving any more energy into a situation may be futile and pointless for now.  You could feel that you want to realign your desire for the future and reflect on what decisions have brought you here, this is a card of transitional transformation, you’re moving away from something negative towards something brighter and more positive.
Gemini – Three of Cups
Glorious and beautiful energy for you this week beautiful Gemini, the Three of Cups is asking you to rejoice and celebrate all the blessings in your life currently.  There could be lots of harmonious experiences and you may find that all of your relationships are a great source of joy and emotional fulfilment, if you’re invited to parties this week you can expect to have a swell time and be appreciated in new ways.   You could be feeling a little more emotional this week, perhaps feeling positive, optimistic and more able to go with the flow, there may be something to celebrate too.  You may have been going through some difficult times recently and you are likely to be feeling the benefits of following your heart and trusting that life has your back.  The Three of Cups is bestowing you with sweetness, love, kindness, support, joy and compassion this week and giving you opportunities to share all this with your loved ones.
Cancer – Knight of Cups
Boom to the heart and bloom your emotional realm this week sweet Cancer, there’s likely to be some experiences in your life this week that just make you go, wow, I love my life, I love love!  There could be a person that sweeps in and has a magical effect on you, they are likely to make life seem more wonderfully loving and ethereal.  The Knight of Cups is mystical and romantic, he brings us uplifting experiences and feelings, as with all Knight cards they could symbolise qualities that are emerging from within you or a physical person coming into our lives, either way, this week looks to be a joyous one, filled with positive emotions.  Follow your heart this week, listen to its sacred wisdom as it’s guiding you towards greater future happiness and fulfilment.
Leo – Eight of Wands
Woohoo, you’re likely to experience some smooth sailing this week gorgeous Leo, there is likely to be a release of energy that spurs movement and positive momentum, you may have been experiencing some struggles and frustrations recently, things may have been frustrating and perhaps annoying if you’ve been facing struggles, setbacks and challenges.  The Eight of Wands is telling you that things are going to easier, the challenges you faced have made you stronger and wiser, most importantly, your recent trials have made your visions for the future clearer and more exciting!  You may be travelling more than usual this week and find that you’re feeling bubbly and more excited than you have in a while.  Go for the opportunities that excite you this week for the most enjoyment, your life is expanding, and you may find you’re on a mission of some sort, enjoy the ride!
Virgo – The World
You could be a celebratory mood this week beautiful Virgo, as you could see something come to fruition this week, you may have been finding it difficult of late to balance certain areas of your life. This week you can expect to get the balance you’ve been seeking in all areas of your life The World is on your side and has your back.  You may be completing something that you’ve been working towards, this could be a final closing of a particular chapter for instance, as with all cycles, as one comes to an end another one begins.  What’s ending and beginning for you?  There delight and wonder to behold this week, as The World gives us vitality and helps us towards actualising our future endeavours. Seize all the yummy opportunities that come your way this week and you could be feeling on top of the world.
Libra The Wheel of Fortune
There’s something going on in your soul, can you feel it gorgeous Libra?  The Wheel of Fortune is giving you’re a fortuitous boost and urging you to embrace the intense changes flooding into your experience.  You could be feeling like “Woah, where did this come from?” and that’s part of the magic of this card, it gets us to look under the surface or behind the curtain of existence.  We can always rely on our life changing and change being a constant, it’s how we respond to it that matters.  You are likely to reveal some magic afoot in your life this week, there could be synchronicity upon synchronicity, meaningful coincidences around every turn.   Notice how your life is changing for the better, even the small changes can point the way to amazing new beginnings.Scorpio – King of Wands 
You’re a leader with a vision this week beautiful Scorpio, you’re being encouraged to take a stand and further your goals and ambitions.  You can expect this week to be one of amazing vision and lucid imaginative energy.  Your imagination will be on point this week, therefore making you a manifestation god/goddess!  Remember when you imagine teamed with positive emotion you become a magical manifestation magnet!  This week you are likely to take the lead on something that warms and excites your soul greatly, this could be a vision or dream of yours.  You are likely to be inspired by something and ready to find solutions to things and prepared to follow your passions.  The King of Wands is telling you that it’s time to believe in yourself, and your sacred visions, it’s time to make them manifest.
Sagittarius – Ten of Pentacles 
Home, family and work could be the focus for you this week sweet Sagittarius, you could find yourself thinking about making firm foundations for the future in some way.  There is likely to be success at home and work this week as the Ten of Pentacles is about reaching a pinnacle point in life where we feel secure and at ease.  Time at home with loved ones can be nurturing, self-care can be free-flowing, and work can be fulfilling when we receive this card, sometimes when we get this card we can be mindful of the future and what we are leaving behind to mark our voyage through this life.   Contemplating how much you’ve built on an inner and outer level could bring some hidden treasures from the past, this week could be a time where you feel moved to share what you have with your loved ones.
Capricorn – King of Cups
Beautiful Capricorn, you have been a compassionate soul towards so many people, you have been that friendly ear, that person that tries to help others heal and offload.  Perhaps it’s now time for you to feel what that’s like, do you feel like you’ve got some healing to do?  You may be inclined to enlist the help of a powerful healer, spiritual guide or counsellor this week.  The King of Cups is sometimes referred to as the wounded healer, it is because the healer is wounded that makes him so empathetic and kind.  You may experience a need to express your emotion and feelings in new and healing ways, even healers need healing sweetheart.  It’s time to turn that amazing presence you show for others towards yourself, the King is helping you to find solutions and remedies.
Aquarius – The Sun 

The warmth that The Sun gives you brings optimism and vitality to your state of mind this week gorgeous Aquarius.  You are The Sun and you’re likely to be experiencing mental and emotional clarity, we usually get this card after a dark and sometimes uncertain time.  Hopefully, the appearance of The Sun will give you hope of many brighter days on their way to you, this is one of the gifts of this card, it boosts areas of our life that need that injection of positivity.   There is likely to be joy, kindness and excitement in your relationships, as your energy is infectious and positively enhancing others will be drawn to you like the sun. There could be an emergence of a new vision or adventure this week, embrace these new imaginings as a promise of a brighter and lovelier future that you deserve.

Pisces – Three of Pentacles 

This week feels exciting and you could experience some great fulfilment gorgeous Pisces, collaboration and teamwork may be prevalent and key for you. You could be the apprentice this week and perhaps be learning a new skill or maybe you’re focusing on a manifestation of a creative project.  You are being urged to notice the encouragement that is coming from your peers, there may be some celebration, there could also be some acknowledgement in regard to finance, home, career, business or project. You have likely been working incredibly hard towards something and are probably feeling quite satisfied with your achievements and efforts.  The Three of Pentacles is asking you to share your expertise and listen to the views of others this week, be mindful that by working together harmoniously you’ll be able to find that you’re able to achieve your goals more rapidly, you are most likely to find that things go swimmingly in your relationships at home and at work.

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