Your weekly Wiccascopes with our psychic Violet 17th December 2018

Hello one and all,

Once again, many thanks for taking the time to read, and comment on these divinations. I genuinely look forward to preparing these Wiccascopes, I’m working on the name, bear with me.

I feel there is an extra special meaning for all of you that comes with this week’s reading, and a story is being created with each card we all get each week. A lot of the readings are symbolic or year ends with new years just around the corner. But generally, I think it’s time for reflection, and taking time to remember that amidst the chaos of shopping, planning gets together, we need to make for ourselves, to simply enjoy the season.

I keep things simple this time of year, fun, with family close friends and love to ensure it’s a time full of with love and nurturing. It’s more about the people I spend my time with, and I’m grateful to have the right people around me and what they bring to my life.

I am also aware of the weather at the moment, it’s crispy cold days, a north wind that shoots through our village from the hills. It’s lovely to wrap up and get out and march along the path around it, exploring winter hedgerows and just feeling winter sun on my cheeks. Or cosy up indoors writing and studying, when I am not dashing around the shops in the rain!

Please make some time just for you, and explore a natural spot where you live. It’ll restore your balance after any Christmas shopping and planning that you are doing.

May I take this chance to wish you all a very warm Yuletide greeting, and hope that your wishes, dreams for the future that need to come true for you, do.

Enjoy your readings, and activities.

Violet xxx



Energy vibration – Sacral chakra
Theme – synchronicity, knowledge, truths

Good day to you Sagittarius, welcome to your reading for this week.
Last week you drew the Crystal Ball, were things clearer and more honest? Did you find your 3rd eye guiding you in dream work?

Well now you have, the help of The Moon. My absolute favourite card, and if I am honest the moon is something I’ve gazed up at since I was able to and learned to understand. Its energy is powerful, and beautiful, yet very honest.

It’s no accident that you have drawn the Queen of Heaven as she is known, notice this a full moon in this card, this hints at the completion of a cycle, readiness to launch a new project, for all your ducks are in a row. It’s time.

The moon is also mother nature’s torch, the biggest torch in the universe. Nothing can hide from this torch, for there is no darkness on a clear night and the bright moon lights up the pitch-black sky. Especially as the moon is ably assisted by her princesses the stars, little hints or glints of hope, dreams and truths in the dark.

If you have an idea for a future project, it’s time for you to make the most of this potency, sew the seed of that idea now, and when the new moon comes nurture and feed it, for by the next full moon that idea, warts and all will be prime. But some projects take a few moon cycles, and they are altered during the waning of a full moon, and grown during a new moon.

You are full of your own treasures, potential, which you have to explore. Your dreams will be vivid and full of information, keep a dream diary for the messages are strong.

The tiny note of descent in this is that the full moon will reveal all truths and information to you, some of which you may not like, and have to face up to. But the moon she is kind, and will give you courage and solutions to anything that is thrown up to be dealt with.


Watch the moon tonight, think of your wishes, hopes and dreams, ask for guidance. If there are clouds in the sky, notice the images and shapes of the clouds. Do they have meaning for you.

Notice the potency of your dream as a result of your deepened connection with the moon. This is a good time for you to look at the significance of working with moon cycles.


Vibration – The elements
Evocation, manifestation, protection.

Capricorn hello last week’s cloak wearers, what was your cloak like? How did it feel, how did it help? Are you ready to reveal yourself, if not don’t worry, it’s your cloak you can wear it any time you like? This week you have drawn the Pentacle and it is telling you to believe in yourself, and to have faith in your own wisdom Capricorn, trust your gut.

This week you have the Pentacle

This is a lovely card that speaks of simplicity. Connecting to the old ways, getting back to nature, taking in the crisp December air. Put on a pair of boots and get out in the woods, or go for a seaside walk. Nature will restore your body, mind and soul.

It is the scared symbol of witchcraft. Each point of the star represents an element, Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Sprit. It is above all protective and worn by wiccans and pagans to draw in the ways of the wise.
Is it time for a retreat, are you due a holiday or time off over Christmas? Take some time out from your stresses and busy life. Dare you turn off the phone, and TV? Talk to people in your life, face to face, get them out in the fresh air with you, eat together, take a walk. Find the magic of you, life and the world.

This card also serves as a warning to be discreet, avoid gossip and other people’s dramas. Guard against people and situations you are unsure of.
This is good time to consider studying something, for during this time you will be able to retain information, and apply any knowledge you have. A fortunate time if you are taking exams, as your mind will be sharp and retentive. Whatever your tests are mentally your brain can handle it.

Asking for protection

I think I’ll repeat the activity from the last time this card came out, for it is perfect for you. It is a very simple exercise, yet very effective.
If you have found yourself feeling the need to protect yourself, or drained by the outside world or your own world at home, firstly remove any negative energy using a sage smudging ritual.
Then light a white candle and simply say, ‘Please protect me from any negative energy intentional or otherwise, thank you’, imagine white gold buffer zone around your body as you look at the golden flame in the candle, notice how calm you feel, and how safe you are. Then blow the candle out thanking the universe.
Peak– Let your ancestors guide you.
Trough – Remember to balance your energies. Draw in what you need in order to progress



Energy Chakra – Sacral
Theme – Fertility, potential, accord, healing

Wonderful Aquarius, greetings to you last week we got you the book of shadows, the witches diary, were you able to work your intentions in your life with powerful manifestation? Be patient some intentions take their own good time work. Pray what card do we have this week.

Hot out the pack and another new card, The Chalice. My mind immediately springs to Monty Python’s Holy Grail, or The DaVinci Code. Referring to Christ’s bloodline to the womb. In tarot for me it relates to the cups, and relates to the water signs also. There are so many interwoven aspects in this reading.

But what does it mean in Wiccan terms, and especially what does it mean to you?

Water, emotions, flow, feelings, and fertility on all levels. The chalice is the cup or glass used to honour the goddess.

You dear Aquarius, it’s no fluke getting this card, you are the water carrier, it could be your significator card, and in keeping with your card last week this means you now have the flow to release your manifestations from last week.

This is a great card to get when you find yourself embarking on something new, like the ace of cups, cheers, rejoice, raise a glass.

If you find your chalice empty, allow the flow of life, and energy in and around you to provide you with the inspiration to fill it. For receiving this, means a new opportunity is around you. New love, job, house and other life new starts.

Brace yourself, for feeling emotional at this time, but it is a happy and fruitful time.


Find or buy yourself a receptacle, glass, or bowl that you find attractive. Trawl the charity shops, for there are some lovely old vintage glasses out there.

Make sure it’s clean, and look at it in its empty state. Then gather up small items that represent your hopes, plans and dreams. As it is Yule this coming week, pop something from a hedgerow that is seasonal to, a sprig of holly with a berry on. Write wishes, key words from plans on a small piece of paper, pop it in. I always put in a piece red ribbon for luck.

Then hold the chalice, and say with firm and loving intention, ‘May this chalice with my ideas, plans and schemes, show me the way to work life into my dreams’. Say thank you.



Energy Vibration – Third eye chakra
Theme – Psychic vision, perception, protection

Pisces hello! Last week you got lovely nemesis, do you feel cleansed, healed and wiser for the knowledge you gathered as a result, it’s not easy, not in one week, but keep at its Pisces.

Oh, where to start. Aren’t cats great? If you don’t share my love of them, no worry, for this cat isn’t a real cat, it’s a symbolic one and is house trained as well.

Like the cat has whiskers and tail to guide and balance them, and such beautiful soul-searching eyes, you have intuition, perception, and psychic powers now. If you are already developing such skills, you may find your development shifting, a new guide may be coming in to take you on the next phase in your life. If you have previously thought you were not clairvoyant or an empath, well, for a start we all have the innate intuition, and an active 3rd eye at birth, but our lives can dictate deviation from our own power. You are now being nudged to develop your psychic intuition.

You will be so aware of things around you, environments, feelings, and your gut will ‘know’, things. Process the information you are getting slowly and wisely. Don’t act instantly, pause, or paws, consider and move as the cat would.

Think like a cat does. They contemplate for hours, I don’t know what they think, but they are wise, and clearly thinking something. Then when they get up to take action, they stretch out, and those first few steps are long and drawn out.
So, get comfy in your chair, and do the activity which is coming up next.

Are you sitting comfortably then we shall begin?
Find a 3rd eye guided meditation on a media channel or c.d if you have one. I feel if I wrote out the script for one, you would not get the benefit of trying to read and meditate at the same time. It doesn’t work. You will also feel drawn to one that you like. I can recommend the Egyptian ones, simply for the music, and energy they give.

Let me know how you go.



Energy Vibration – Crown Chakra
Theme – Knowledge, learning, acknowledgement

Aries the week of wielding your sword, did you use it well. Were your wits sharp? Did you have to bite that tongue a couple of times, or count to ten, for others were not on as slick form as yourself? I really hope it was productive. For now, pop that sword in your armoury, and get out your Book of Shadows, let’s go to work.

This week you draw the book of shadows this is a significant and personal book, that a worker of wiccan or witchcraft will keep. It can be any book, that belongs to a witch will keep through their lifetime, and beyond. Think of it as your diary of magical and spiritual thoughts.

This could also be called the book of you, your whole self. What magical potential do you in your spells are inside you, link to your inner self so that you can help manifest them into your outer self’s hopes, wishes and dreams?

Please dear Aries, don’t look back and let the past hurt you, for it is what has shaped you into the lovely wise human being you are today. What will you learn in looking inwards? What behaviours will you change as a as a result? What cycles do you repeat, and fight to change and still can?

Read this for a second and think.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

It is from the serenity prayer, and I think they are some of the wisest words written.


It’s time to for you to go and treat yourself to a lovely blank paged journal.
I also think a special new pen reserved for writing in it alone is lovely. Write in it, when you want to, but regularly. Record your thoughts, reflections and if you do practise spell work, of course make notes on them. I think it’s worth having a couple of books, I have one just for spells and herbs, the other for my exciting mind.


Peaks – Knowledge, practise
Troughs – Being honest with yourself



Energy vibration –: Connective.
Theme –: Intention, focus, action.

Welcome dear Taurus, how was that base chakra energy super charge? If you felt it and made the most of it, don’t miss it, for it’ll still maintain a presence around having rebooted you. If you didn’t quite feel it, worry not! It is still around you and can be tapped into, especially with the help of this week’s card the Wand.

Taurus for you the wand is especially important as it follows the serpent, which gave you an energy boost, now the wand is the extension of your new recharged energy, for when the base chakra gets a boost, it serves to support the other chakras. You will now have extra direction and focus.

My witch and wiccan and friends still use wands today, selecting the right branch from the right tree, from which to fashion a wand, to suit the right divination purpose. The message herein, first looks at your task, it’s goal, and what you need from yourself and your world to achieve it.
The wand represents your plans, dreams, intentions, as well as your focus or reasons behind them. In relationships are you uncertain of how someone feels about you? Or how you feel about them? Don’t do anything rash in this case.

Pause and consider what your next step should be.

You are being told now to take time out from overthinking, and step back.
Look at your reasons and motivation in these circumstances. Stick to your intentions and goals, in your dealings with others, and don’t be talked round if you feel it is wrong or you just can’t agree. Be honest to yourself. Choose your words wisely and kindly, in asserting yourself, so as to maintain good relations even if you can’t agree.
The universe is asking you to a think about the decisions you make, and says you have a choice in those decisions.


This is actually a great time of year Taurus for you to get this card, you can use the wand as a pointer, to do an audit of this last year. This is an imaginative exercise. Think about the last 12 months as a film, and rewind it. Don’t stop at every event, but at those you felt to be important, for good or for bad. What projects or issues are now complete, give them a big tick? Pause, be proud, say, ‘I did that’, or, ‘I was part of that!’ If there are things still outstanding, stop and ask, ‘Are they realistic still?’ and if yes, ‘How do I complete it?’ This also applies to relationships, what connections were made, lost, and maintained? What of this year do you want to take into next year, and how.?

Peaks –: Focus, direction, action.
Troughs -: Patience may be required with yourself or other.


The cone of power – ENERGY!
Energy Vibration – Solar plexus chakra
Theme – Energy, attention, application

Wonderful Gemini greetings to you. Last week I asked you to look in the mirror, I tried it too, even though I’m not a Gemini, what an odd experience but useful. Did you reconnect with the real you? Make up free, wobbly bits and all? Bravo! Now whenever you dress or pass a mirror, don’t rush past it, if you catch your reflection smile at it.

You have now got the energy from the cone of power, and it’s all about harnessing ENERGY. We do talk a lot about energy on this site, because it is the key thing we work with. We are energy, we make it, we use it, we share it, we take it. Here you are being told to grab a gathering force that will help direct in how to handle a particular situation in your life that now needs your attention.
There is not just one cone, but different cones that deal with different situations. Each cone is powered with its own unique healing energy. Therefore, when the cone of power comes to you it comes along with few others too, offering their services to deal with one or maybe more issues in your life. Use your time with your cone, or cone(s) well.
Deal with one issue at a time.
Break down your problems or situations you see as problems into smaller pieces and begin.
A little hint would be to focus on the issue that is key to all the other issues you feel you are stuck on.
You will feel as if you have more energy, so make sure you use it well, and use it wisely. Your emotional, intellectual and physical energies are in sync with each other and you are in top form.
This is a good week

In essence you are given this time to make things happen for yourself, or to add to a team’s effort with gusto and it be noticed by those around you. Very handy if you are looking for a job, or seeking a promotion in the work place. Your talents will be clearly and confidently on display.
When you apply this energy to the right area of your life
Imagine a fairy godmother has appeared and is granting you wishes. She zaps you with energy. Choose and act wisely. You will feel yourself making changes, being asked for your opinion, or help out in a matter for someone else.
But… be wary that this new energy and the power that goes with it doesn’t go to your head. Keep your feet on the ground, be patient with others who will not be having the same surge, and be going through their own issues, so be kind.
The flip side of this is that you may not be feeling this energy around you, and may be finding things overwhelming and yet too proud to ask for help or time out. Fear not it is time to say to your family and loved ones, in the approach to Christmas, ‘I need some help here,’ or to your colleagues at work?
Don’t if you are in charge of a project feel you have to micromanage everything, delegate and use your energy to do what you can do.

Candle gazing
I love this one, so think you can do this as well.
This is a very simple and easy thing to do.
It requires you, space, time and peace.
A candle, something to light it with.
The candle needs to be about 2ft before you, sit at a table and set it at a place setting maybe.
Light the candle.
Watch how the flame jumps about, or stays still, or flickers.
As you relax, you will see and feel things.
You just have to look gently at the candle, it is not forced.

This is one of those things that we do automatically if someone lights a candle or has an open fire, we just watch the flames, and lose ourselves in the light and colour. So, approach it like that. When you feel done, after about 5 or 10 minutes, blow the candle out, (yes you are allowed blow a candle out, though some feel it’s unlucky), for as you blow the candle out whatever healing or message you got during your gazing, is released as energy in the smoke into your atmosphere. You may even choose to make a wish at this point. Always say thank you.
Peaks – Go go go!!
Troughs -Be patient.



Energy vibration – Earthly angelic realm
Theme –Movement, faith, karmic journeys, unconditional love

Hello all Cancerians, great to see you. What was your life like with the Green Man? Did you feel your energies balance out, and give you the assertion or grace to help you through the week? This week you have a beautiful card, that is going to guide to through overcoming blockages in achieving your dreams.

Shekinah is the sacred home for the soul, and the feminine side of the Divine. She also has links in the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Heaven – Binah and Earth – Malkuth.

Starlight shines upon you, as radiant as the sun. In taro and oracle readings the stars stand for hopes, wishes and dreams. With the help of Shekinah, she will help you at this time to find more balance and harmony in your heart. She guides you to consider and contemplate your own spirituality, whatever your faith. In Christian terms she is known as the Lord’s bride, offering cleansing, and healing.

Associated with the sun sign Libra, she invokes justice and fairness, and she offers you peace, love and harmony at this time. If you find yourself in difficult situations where you feel you are not being heard or taken seriously, fairness and justice will be served. It is also asking you to release any negative feelings or grudges you hold, and send out universal love, for they are negative feelings that also affect you too. Take some time out to consider your own emotional and spiritual needs.

Take some time out just for you.
Peaceful, warm, and quiet.
Light a candle, pink or white.
Relax and consider the following words. I am loving, I am lovable, I send and receive forgiveness, I restore faith in myself, and my own beliefs.
It’s especially nice to do this at this time of year, and much gentler than more challenging cards.



The Bell – Awakening
Energy Vibration – Throat Chakra
Theme – Awakening, calling

Greetings Leo, I know for some of you getting the familiar was particularly poignant last week, I hope you have had a good experience with it. How were your connections with humankind and animal kind alike?
But dear Leo the doorbell rings, the phone will beep, and alert you to the fact you will be in demand, and have been noticed. The bell ringing reminds its year-end review time, is it? calling time on certain aspects of your life, and starting time on others. Yes with 2019 coming you will be ringing the changes.

It is also a celebration, reward, saying well done you did work with your progress and ability to move on from past events. Look out for job offers, or career changes, if you are attached, and hoping to get married, a wedding bell chimes.

Stronger in yourself, in every sense, energised and readier than ever to take action at the ring of the bell. Where you have wishes or manifestations you wish to be delivered, be careful what you ask for, for you could get it. Word your wishes very carefully, and consider the consequences.
The ringing of a bell is akin to that of communication, and I see an old-fashioned phone ringing, who do you need to talk to? who do you need to listen to? For communication requires balance and equality. Interactive listening.

Be kind in your communications, and now it’s a good time to talk honestly with the people you care about, for last week you attracted what and who you needed or became aware of it, now you need to act for the bell is calling you to action.


Dear Leo, forgive me I chopped off your activity in my editing process last week. So, this week you have two. You can do last weeks and this week’s. If you want.

This week’s is the same as I gave Taurus, because I love it, and like a favourite dress it’s getting its second seasonal wearing.

I adore windchimes, bells, and Tibetan singing bowls, and little chimes. If you have any kind of bell you can carry in a pocket, take it with you, or hang a string of bells on a ribbon, from a tree, and sit near this tree an just think, find peace and ask that what you are being called to do, or what you wish to have happen, does so with happiness and a good outcome for all those involved.

Now… you may have a Christmas tree up, why not put a bell chime decoration up, and ponder on it. Every time it sounds think of someone you love, and send out lovely thoughts, or give them a call.


This is last weeks delayed, my apologies. If you wish to do this, you have a meditation. It’s a beautiful one to do.
You need, a quiet comfy space, not to be disturbed for about 20 minutes.
Get comfy, imagine you are walking in wood, it’s perfectly safe. You are walking in the sunlight, the rays cut through the tree branches. As you walk along the path, feel the crunch of twigs under your feet, notice the pine cones that have fallen.

Take in the smells, sights and sounds. Really relax, this is your time.

You will come to clearing, in the middle of the wood, lit up by the sun, there waiting for you is…. Your spirit animal familiar.

You will recognise it, there may be more than one, approach this animal, allow it to come to you as well. As you greet each other, tell it your name, how pleased you are to meet it. It may tell you its name, you may already know.

You can have a little talk to each other, take as long you need in fact, then when you are done say goodbye for now. But you will be back anytime you want to.

If you feel you need protection, and support, and feel alone, just call upon your familiar.

Peaks – Celebrations.
Troughs – Wake up! Wake up!


Life Force

Energy vibration: – Base Chakra
Theme: – life force, inhibitions, joy, proaction, wealth, rebirth

Hello beautiful Virgo creatures, so the QUEEN OF ELPHAME visited you last week, did she enchant, guide and give a little magic to your world. She’s lovely to have around, and her magic leaves it’s energy for a long time to come. Enjoy and revisit her anytime. This week you have re-drawn the Horned God, it’s his birthday this week, and he’s invited you to his party. I considered putting it back, but felt it had been drawn for you for a reason and I think upon consideration there is a very good reason.

This Virgo is very amusing for me too, for a very good Virgoan friend of mine and I share a fascination with gods and goddesses, and we were discussing Cernunnos today prior doing this reading. Everything for a reason they say.
The Horned God is the god of nature, the underworld and wild place you will recall from your first reading. He looks so might as a ram-headed serpent and holding a basic wooden staff that has two prongs.

If the Horned God appears, and indeed for you, appears again Virgo, balance needs restoring. So clearly you are finding issues in maintaining balance. Normally a Libran issue, but this as a neighbour of that sign is something you may need to seriously consider.

Especially if you are a Virgo – Libran cusp. You may feel the need this week to enjoy more genuine experiences in your life, and it could be you are being pulled away from being able to do that. This can be achieved by finding more time to relax and releasing your emotions and inhibitions.

With the Yule season upon us, invitations could be dropping through your door, don’t burn the candle at both ends, keep grounded too. He also reminds you to be grateful for the things we receive, and to celebrate life.
If you are stressed, tired or unwell, the drawing of this card indicates you need time to be your true self, be natural and allow healing to happen. Take a long look at yourself inside and out, aren’t you great? Yes! Believe that the whole natural you are more than good enough, in fact it’s perfect. In social situations you may find you are tired of small talk and superficial characters, and be more at ease with warmer, deeper communicators.
If you feel you have lost control of your life, or your work life balance is out of sync, it is time to address it. You can let go of situations and people that no longer allow to do so.

You will feel a sense of being renewed, ready to go out and hunt for what you need to prosper. By going back into the wild woods of nature, you’ll be grounded, balanced and ready.


Pour yourself a nice drink, of your choosing.
Sit down in a place where you will not be disturbed, relax.
Get really comfortable and just let your breathing settle. Think back to a time you were just you, and didn’t care what anyone thought, or said, or did in reaction to you in any negative way.
When you felt free to be unapologetically you.

How old were you, where were you, what was different? Given that as adults we cannot all be children without responsibility for ourselves or our families if we have them, and know our actions affect other. What aspect from this lovely time can you take help you deal with your reality now? Be thankful for what is good in your life, set out to alter what is negative in your life by approaching it in an honest and way that is true to your heart and soul.



Energy Vibration – Connections
Theme– Attraction, release, movements

Very warm greetings fellow Librans, Oh boy what a week! There was something in the air wasn’t there. Mostly good. Were your words, spoken and written for the most part calm, loving, focussed and productive? I really hope that’s a yes. If it was slower coming to you, it’ll come. This week we have a lovely card that will only go to enhance the Spell. The love spiral, or another name I like vortex! Let’s spin some of that magic from last week into some positive energy!

The spiral represents a spinning vortex of our chakral energy, moving clockwise or anti-clockwise. It is symbolic of life and death on all levels. Looking at the way energy moves from the ground up through the body, through our feet, legs, core and head to the moon and sun.

It should spiral in a clockwise direction for us to function well, and requires regular healing and attention to maintain our life force energy on a spiritual level. Working ideally to achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle to nurtured and maintain our physical health, in order to support our spiritual and emotional health. (Difficult at this time of year with so many tempting delights around us). We may get this card again in the new year I predict.
Librans what do you need to attract? Not what do you want to attract. Now that’s a tough call. Honesty and reality are required. Where do you need to move on from, or even tougher to answer who?

Enough doom and gloom the nice bit now by having a winter clean of our lives we create space for what you need, to go forwards again, or clock-wise. And keeping it light, you could have just got wee bit stuck and need some help getting the spiral spinning properly again. Remember being a child on the roundabout in the park? And someone would help spin you around on it, well the spiral is here to help you move clockwise and forwards without fear. Going back is not an option.
magine the pirouetting ballerina, round and round they go, embrace this like the most beautiful ballet, with you as the lead dancer in your life.
You will be presented with lessons and universal gifts needed to help you complete your spiral journey, that are not the things you wanted or asked for, but take them graciously and they will help you on the way, as they are the things you need.

If you feel someone has noticed you, they have, either in your love and friendship circle, or work circle, but abundance or the energy to achieve it can be gathered when you draw this card. Go with the flow, rest when you need to, take the universal gifts that you need, and go with your own flow.
Peaks -: Evolution and energy surge
Troughs -: Difficulty in release


Vibration -: Astral
Theme-: enchantment, illusion, fantasy.

Last but by no means least Scorpio, well, how are you? Did you feel balance and order restored with the 6 rayed star? Are you finding your feet again, and that old issue of work/life balance as the year winds down? It’s time to play as well as work. Any drama’s that occurred I’m sure you dealt with poise and dignity. What did I pull out my deck for you this week?
THE SPELL. I announce it dramatically because I believe you had the Wizard two weeks ago, what do wizards to. Spell work! You are now granted the power of your intentions, helping to manifest your dreams and wishes. It’s a Christmas gift isn’t it!
Spells focus your intentions. Simply words, prayers, wishes or incantations, spoken written, eaten, sung, or danced with energy. Any spell requires your pure, true energy, without any ill thought or intention. focus and concente.

Your words this week will have extra weight and depth therefore speak with consideration and kindness.

Magically enchantment is in the air – you have a beautiful allure about you, and air of charm. Add your natural hidden Scorpio sensuality, those close to you will feel your energy.

This time is good for you especially if you have been wishing, or hoping for something to happen in your life. I liken the spell card to that of a timing, or synchronicity. Things clicking into place. The time is now when a little extra luck and things could just click, and work out for you.
Spells however are subject to allowing free will of those involved. Therefore, a dose of reality is required, are you grounded whilst you are focussing on your future.

If you are feeling frustrated or stuck, then at this time, you feel a movement, or gentle jolt of action that suggests at last there is a shift.
To help you decide just think about your goals and ask if they are still realistic at all or have you gone as far as you can.

Those that are realistic could now be potentially achievable, those that aren’t will not manifest but you will be able to deal with them, knowing other dreams could come true. A truth could also find itself being revealed to you, without much effort from yourself.


Once you have decided what dream you are going to weave positivity into at this time.

Visualize it in its current state.
Think really positively about it, is it a job, progression in a love match?
When Ifs and BUTs get in your way, ask that this little bit of magic or luck around you guides you in achieving your goals.
Peaks – Wishes could come true at this time.
Troughs – Illusion v reality.

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    I would like to wish you a happy Yuletide and thank you again.

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