The Abundance Paradox: Is Money Really The Root of All Evil?

‘Money is the root of all evil’, ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’. We’ve all heard these sayings. So, are money and living a spiritual life mutually exclusive? I don’t believe so but I do believe we have to understand exactly what money is before we can truly appreciate how money fits into our lives and how we can encourage the flow of it.

First of all, we need to understand what money is. It is not the physical form of pounds, dollars, euros or any currency it can manifest in. Money like everything else in this universe is energy. Notes and coins are just the physical representation of this energy. Think of it this way – you give you time, energy and expertise to your boss. In return you are paid a salary (money). Energy is exchanged for energy. Money itself is therefore neither evil nor good. It is energy. How it is used however can do good or the reverse. Money makes no distinction between people who are worthy of it or need it the most simply because it is neutral and makes no distinctions.

It’s true money can’t buy you happiness however. You have only to look at the number of unhappy people who are rich or have won the lottery to end up miserable to see that. Yet there are many, many people who have plenty of money who are living very happy lives. So what’s the difference between the happy ones and the unhappy ones?

Being on a spiritual path and having money is not mutually exclusive when we begin to see money as a representation of abundance and the fuel and reward for following our soul purpose. We live in a material world and because of this we all need a certain level of income to take care of our basic needs such as housing, food, utilities and comforts. If we don’t have the money to do this there is no doubt that this results in unhappiness, anxiety and depression – and this is why some people think that money will buy them the happiness that’s missing. Money will alleviate these problems but certainly not bring happiness in the longer term. Happiness comes from within.

So, what if you want to attract more money now you understand you are dealing with energy and the issue of abundance in your life rather than money itself? The first thing you can do is start to move energy in a way that may not be directly connected to money but allows abundance to flow. Raise your own energy vibration with affirmations such as ‘I now attract abundance into every area of my life’.

Share what you do have with people – even if it’s just your time. Have a look at your possessions. Are there things you no longer need or use but you know someone who would love them? If so pass them on. This opens up a space in your life for new energy to enter. It also tells the universe you have more than enough so you can afford to be generous – at which point the universe matches your belief and continues to send more abundance! Try to give some money – no matter how small the amount to a charity or worthy cause you really care about. You must REALLY care about it however as the energy you direct towards it is important. You will usually find that whatever you give will return to you increased – allowing you to give even more.

It’s been said ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’ Following our passion raises our energy which in turn attracts more energy (money) into our lives. But most of all, if you feel a lack of money or any other resources, look to your own self-worth. Very often our lack of money and abundance in general is a reflection of the value we place on ourselves, our idea of what we’re ‘worthy’ of, and our skills. A better catchphrase for us to attract money is perhaps ‘Value your uniqueness – and the money will follow’. After all, if you don’t see yourself as being worthy of having financial security and being paid well for what it is you do – how do you expect money to?

One thought on “The Abundance Paradox: Is Money Really The Root of All Evil?

  1. “We live in a material world and because of this we all need a certain level of income to take care of our basic needs such as housing, food, utilities and comforts.” – but that income need not be money. I work for my boss free and the government should give me food and shelter for free. There is no other need for money here. Religion has become a business because of money. Remove money and religion will become spirituality. Take a look at

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