3 Card Reading

27 thoughts on “3 Card Reading

  1. I’ve tried several times to access free readings. I’ve got an iPhone 6s, no screen rotation lock, yet I can’t get to get past the ‘rotate phone graphic’ and a start bottom never shows….can you help please?

    1. Hi Tina,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems.

      So, you don’t have the screen rotation locked to portrait, and you don’t see the app even when you rotate the phone to landscape, is that correct?

      Are you able to view any of the other free readings, such as this one celtic cross reading on your mobile?

      Can you tell me what browser app you are using?

      Also if you can send a screen grab to [email protected] that would be very helpful.

      Thank you

  2. I feel really anxious lately I feel like I have done something wrong I have weights on my shoulders, have I done something wrong?

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