Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Start by clicking card number one and proceed through the cards in sequence.

183 thoughts on “Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

  1. I am a hairstylist for the past 22 years I am based in in India , I have not really been recognised for my work. I want to travel abroad to work, been trying for the long longest time, will I be able to go abroad and work and if yes then please do tell me where.

  2. Celtic cross reading is the same all day, dont be fooled, it seems we’re all getting the same rubbish!!!!
    Standard reading for all……

    1. YOUR computer is cache the reading! Try it with a different browser and you will see that this is not the case! I will get my tech person to see if there is anything to do her end but it is not happening for me. It might have been worthwhile to ask if there was a problem rather than be so disparaging!

  3. Your celtic cross readings are the same generic layout of cards regardless of how many times you try re-doing it on the same day!! Very disappointed….


    1. See above. Your computer is Cache them. Try with another browser. Your reading is as unique as if you had shuffled the cards.

  4. Ive noticed an algorithm that gives the same exact readings to any person who does the celtic tarot every 5-12 hrs or so

  5. Ive tried getting pregnant for 21yrs. I think i might be but might be false pregnancy. I have spoken to 2 other phychics trying to find the one I’d like as my spiritual advisor. The 1 psychic didnt answer my question, they said they see a new romance in my life and he might be the one. Ive been married many yrs and happy lol. 2nd said they see great things including an ex coming into my life and to see if he’s my soul mate call them lol. Can you tell if i will have anymore kids. My son is 22yrs old.

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