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  1. Hello my name is Kathleen been seeing this man Michael for over two years he says he doesn’t liove me but likes me but lately he keeps saying about Leonnue we had Chinese shared pork balls and chips Mexican keeps mentioning her name she goes there every day they both smoke a jjoint I used to see him every weekend know see him once a fortnight he says I assume things doesn’t want to talk to me when she is there or when his friends are there and when they watch a film he says we are watching a movie where dies that leave me he says I have trust issues something is not right my gut instincts tell me he is playing me.

  2. I been seeing this men in my dreams and visoin and like a movies playing in my head I listing to love songs all day and I can’t stop thinking about him I feel like its my soulmate l been fleeing happy about my self will we meet I have a fleeing that we will but I have a boyfriend and I am not happy at all I get happy when I see my soulmate I had a fleeing to tell my boyfriend that he can have them a friend

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