Goddess Reading


Goddess Reading


4 thoughts on “Goddess Reading

  1. i jst wanna knw what the future hold for me,my luv life an my career/job at what time is the apporate time month or year.

  2. All of sudden I can’t access any free reading led noe there I’d just s a pic to
    Turn your phone to the side but there’s no start button to actually start the reading I could start on the first page and it redirected me to the little phone picture but nowhere anywhere on the page is there a place to start I checked all of the readings only the yearly would work I love this site so much please get fixed quickly

    1. Hello Leah,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems with this reading. Can you let us know what phone and browser app you are using? In the meantime can you check that you haven’t locked the screen orientation to portrait in your phone’s settings.

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