Relationship Runes

Click on the bag to choose your relationship runes, there are five in total.


The relationship root


You may feel as if you are in bondage and are unable to move in any direction. Life has led you here because you have to deal with your mistakes in the past. Look deep within yourself and see where you have gone wrong. After you correct your mistakes a great weight is lifted.

18 thoughts on “Relationship Runes

  1. No start button for readings It has been replaced by just a picture to turn your phone to landscape but the start button is gone no way to start any of the readings

    1. Hello Leah,

      Sorry to hear you are having problems with this reading. Can you let us know what phone and browser app you are using? In the meantime can you check that you haven’t locked the screen orientation to portrait in your phone’s settings.

    1. Hello Denise, I am sorry to hear that. Please tell us what errors you are seeing. Also what device and browser are you using? Thank you. Meghan

      1. The single card reading doesn’t work for me. I click but get a blank space where the card would be.
        Also on the dot number oracle when I type the number 7 it always gives me 8!

        1. Hi there, I am sorry the reading is not working for you. To help us diagnose the problem can you tell me if you are referring to this reading or another one? Please can you send me the link to the free reading. Please also let us know what device you are using (computer, type of tablet or mobile), and the browser app you are using, e.g. Chrome or Safari.
          Thank you, Meghan

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