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  1. Hello, I’m having an unclear time in my life. I feel lost in the workplace and my love life doesn’t seem to have fire anymore. I am trying to find a great job to pay the bills I need to pay but am having horrible luck. I don’t have many friends and just feel lost and like I don’t know what to do or where to go from here. What should I do?

  2. I need help . I was talking to someone online for a year and half, we are seriously like twins and when we finally got to see eachother it felt like we had known eachother our whole lives. Nothing was uncomfortable or felt weird. Like we just know . But a few weeks ago I freaked out because I thought heb was avoiding me and I went overboard and now he has not talked to me in three weeks no matter how hard I tried to say sorry. This is not our first time going through this but I’m just wondering if this was just the last time now. I dont want to give up because its a feeling like no other. Even after 13 years in my old relationship. Just hope someone can feel something. Thank you

    1. I dont know about the situation 100% but I would avoid this guy like a plaque. You deserve someone who is secure in himself, embrace love and intimacy, and genuinely wants to be close to you. It is either he is not interested or he supressed his emotions (emotionally unavailable) and detach himself the situation. Read the book titled “attached” by Amir levine, you might find your answers.

    2. this sounds like ‘soul shock’.. you can find more by searching for
      How To Avoid The Twin Flame Soul Shock
      (not sure i can post a link here but this should find the page)
      for an article about it, that will shed light and hopefully bring you some new understanding..
      im going through the same thing too .. good luck

  3. Hello having trouble with some paper I’m supposed to turn in for work. What should I do? And I’m having a littlke financial problem.

  4. Hi. It’s been two weeks now since I came to my company headquarters for my documents to be arranged so I can travel to my home country for a needed vacation. My company is not in a good situation now and I don’t know how soon my documents can be processed. It’s been more than a year since I had my last vacation. Is there a chance I could travel soon?

  5. Someone has broken into my house and stole everything that I have. My life has been totally a mess with no money, family issue and with lots of debts, no love cos of I have met a horrible person which has torn my life into pieces make everybody turn their backs on me. In the end I have to leave that place and be alone to stop all the negatives. I have restored myself and moved on then this thing happened. That was all my I have, all I have!! They are all my valuables. I adore all of them so much and now that’s all gone! I know the thief is my neighbor next door but I don’t have specific evidence. I really want to catch her and get all of my stuffs back! Every time she walk passed by my house will give me a cunning smile. I feel threaten,uneasy and unsafe. I have get the police involved but nothing more they can do. I really want to know whether I can get my stuffs back in the end, confirm she is the thief and catch her! I hope she also will move out after and leave me alone. Thank you!

      1. Hi Laura,

        Thank you heaps for your reply! Really appreciated!
        Did you mean you have got the name of that person called Sara? I think her is Sofia or something. Did you get her location as well just to be sure? Is she next to me at number 4?


  6. Anyone pick up for me, love and read for others a lot, but need guidance myself, I’m very ‘stuk’ frustrated, why there’s a situation on. MY mind. Anything anyone on the a

  7. Hi. My husband and I were divorce 10/16/16. We have a child together. He is in a relationship with someone currently and I am not. We recently began speaking again. I want to know if he and I are going to get back together.

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