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  1. Hello my boyfriend and I have been arguing so much lately that last night he left i don’t know what to do. I love him but unsure of how he feels about me and I’m scared hurt and feel betrayed.can you help me see light at the end of this suicidal tunnel because that’s the point I’m at. Thank you for your help

  2. Hi Michelle Im in a very bad situation at the moment, i allowed my partner to move into my home 2.5 years ago. I have amounted debts up in my sole name as he had a bad credit rating, to re mortgage and have repairs carried out, but he agreed to pay half the debts, he hasnt kept his word and i am really struggling to meet all the payments. I want him out my home have asked him several times to leave but still here. Jobs are left half completed and its affecting my health, i work a 50 hour week but cant meet all the bills. Do you see any change in my finances soon and him leaving me so i can enjoy life again ? Many thanks L& L xx

  3. Evening

    Thank you for this website. I use this with my own cards for a better understanding of the madness called my life! Lol.

    I’m trying to find some answers or guidance on how long will my current situation on finding my next career step. The last 2yrs have been all about huge change in career, home, love & personal development. Everything I was working towards has been turned upside down! I did wish for change, it was needed, but WOW….even my foundation, beliefs & resilience is being rebuilt!

    Any guidance on this would be wonderful.

    Thank you


    1. I like to see the outcome as a flow. I have always had three in the outcome as it gives a fuller picture. I invented this at 14/15 and I find it incredibly specific x

    1. Hello there, I’m afraid I can’t answer questions like this in an open and public forum but there are many free resources here to help you deal with your situation. If you would like a reading one of my psychics will be happy to help you via email or phone. Sending a ton of love to you and hope things have resolved x

  4. I’m going to set up my own Phone Line No disrespect to Michele I think she’s brilliant great lady However not one of my readings came true from her psychics!

    I am gifted and ask people who come to me to give to charity only. Is this why my readings are so precise? I would move to share this with a spiritually enlightened soul God Bless you all and especially Michele xxx

  5. Hello Michele my ex is so jealous of me and my boyfriend I’m ready to throw the towel for good this has happened before all because he wants to meet him and three can be a crowd

  6. I was tricked into signing over my parental rights. Now they won’t let me see my son. I’m trying to find a lawyer, but nothing I do is working. Will I ever see him again? I dream about him every night. I miss him so much.

    1. Oh my goodness my heart breaks for you. What made you give full custody over… I feel you have had some sort of breakdown and have been takenadvantage if whilst in a weak state. You will find the right lower a good counsellor but it will take time. X

    2. It’s very important you seek legal advice. I can’t answer this type of question as it would be unethical. Sending lots of love x

  7. Asking for help I don’t know what else to do and my relationships my living situation my work status Im at a downfall i’m afraid to make any moves because I feel I’m goingto be bad I am very much confuse there’s days where my energy is so high then there’s days that I am so depressed I know somethings going on because that’s not me at all I am an Aquarius always on top of my game I need help please

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