Psychic reader India

 Michele says

India is a great asset to the team and I am sure you will love her. Here are some of the comments from India’s test readings ‘I was very impressed, she even mentioned my close friend by name’ and ‘Very good, she was able to focus on the one thing I wanted to look at.’

When she gave me my test reading she got straight to the point and was very detailed. I love the fact she is a trained counsellor and a life coach as she represents the emotionally intelligent reader we are looking for. India links in just by listening to your voice and is Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient. She can use the Native American cards or Angel cards as well.

What people say

  • “A big shout out to India, who rescued me from despair and put me gently back on the right path. Eternal gratitude. A light worker in all senses of the word.”

    - Written by Leo

  • “I feel compelled to write in to say that I was blown away by your reader India. She told me how an upcoming meeting was going to go and I didn’t believe her but it happened exactly as she said. She is caring, easy to talk to, very empowerment focused … read more

    - Written by Kate

  • “just wanted to say I have just had an amazing reading with India. What a lovely, incredibly kind and empathic lady. She gave so much information and was able to pick up even the specific language that was specific to my situation. She read it perfectly and was able to … read more

    - Written by Gill

  • I had my first reading with India.  I was drawn to her and she relayed information that pushed me and has given me the energy to look forward to the future.  India connected very quickly and picked up on what was going on around me. Thank you.

    - Written by Jacqueline

  • “I spoke to India tonight and she totally blew me away. She dived in at once, she was able to describe the situation I needed clarified and offered pertinent guidance. Wonderful stuff!”

    - Written by Patricia

  • “Lovely woman who brings to her practice her experience and humor. It was lovely to be supported and reminded that I am not alone.”

    - Written by Susan

  • “I just had a great reading with India (pin 2284) and I wanted to let you know about it. India was very intuitive and I really felt she understood my situation and gave me [guidance], dates and assurances that really helped me to feel more comfortable and happy at this … read more

    - Written by Alan

  • “I had a reading with India and it was perfect. I feel she truly connected with me on an emotional level. She’s such a lovely person. I came away from the reading feeling very soothed and calm. She truly had a grasp on the situation in question. She seemed to … read more

    - Written by Jade