Psychic reader Jan-Lee

 Michele says

Jan Lee is an exceptional medium who gave me a brilliant test reading including describing every toy I had as a child.  She also described very specific things in the childhood of my partner. I loved all the details she gave. Let me know what you think.

Jan Lee says, “As a young girl I saw spirit people and I thought everyone did.  I learned that this was not the case as I grew older and in my teenage years I became fascinated with psychic subjects. When my mother passed to spirit, it was only a few hours afterwards that I saw her with my late brother and they were hugging.  Several months later I was invited to join a spiritual development circle ran by the president of a spiritualist church.  I felt so at home here with kindred spirits and my psychic gifts developed quickly.  I learned to meditate and discovered I was blessed with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and healing abilities. I knew then that I wanted to dedicate my gifts to helping others.  I’ve been giving psychic readings for over twenty years now.”

“I am also a qualified reflexologist and ran a part time practise for several years along with giving readings on a regular basis. I have also studied and trained in spiritual healing with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.”

What people say

  • “I had a truly wonderful reading with Jan Lee, which gave me so much peace.  She was able to see things and communicate with my grandma, leaving me in no doubt that she was really there with me.  I felt such love.  Thank you so much, Jan Lee.  You are … read more

    - Written by Katy

  • “Just had a most uplifting reading from Jan Lee. She picked up on things I hadn’t even asked about but that were very relevant! A wonderful lady who is clearly very warm and gentle. She knew things about the past and was able to clearly describe people around me. She … read more

    - Written by S

  • “Jan was patient and kind. She eased my concerns. She was able to see many things I hadn’t mentioned to her. I have no doubt that in time her predictions will come to pass.”

    - Written by Paul

  • “Can’t get over it – how on earth did Jan Lee know I sent a letter the minute we started the consultation?  One answer to that , she is truly gifted, with high calibre, professional conduct. Thanks!”

    - Written by Lillian

  • “I had the most wonderful funny compassionate reading with Jan Lee she was so loving and open hearted. I felt high as a kite with joy when I put the phone down. She is a lovely human being and a credit to your service. I will return again to talk … read more

    - Written by Jacqueline

  • “Jan told me I would hear great news about as house offer in the second week of December and on the monday of the second week of December, guess what?! I received a phone call with an offer of a house!! I had another reading with Jan yesterday she correctly … read more

    - Written by Rebecca

  • “I would like to thank Jan-Lee for the warm hearted readings she has given me. I had separated from my partner of many years because of his relationship with another women, there hadn’t been any contact between us for several months. I was at a low and called Jan-Lee based … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • Jan-Lee is incredible! I have called her a few times now for the same issue and she has been supportive and full of positive information for me. She has given lots of details and times to look forward to and I’m sure everything will come to pass. I’m not a … read more

    - Written by Greta