Psychic reader Nicola_C

 Michele says

Nicola C has worked for us in our overflow service but when she decided to apply to work for us exclusively I was over the moon as during my test reading with her I found her incredible and knew she would be non-stop busy with us. She uses clairvoyance and mediumship and will also use Tarot, Angel cards and runes if asked. Let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “Amazing Nicola_C you are truly that, you have seen so much for me with all that was going on in my life. You set my mind at ease and have given me the hope that all will turn out well in a difficult situation I have spoken to you twice … read more

    - Written by Susan

  • “I just had a reading with Nicola.  She could get the situation I find myself in amazingly well. I particularly like when I reader is honest with what she sees or hears. She is direct and fun and doesn’t use subterfuges or half words to say whatever is needed. Before … read more

    - Written by Rosane

  • “I have just had a reading with Nicola C and she was totally amazing! I have always been very sceptical about telephone readings but not anymore. Nicola went straight into the reading only having to ask me what subject I wanted guidance on. I would definitely refer friends to her. … read more

    - Written by Charlotte

  • “I have just had a reading with Nicola C and was very amazed. She blew me away, and as a medium myself it was lovely to actually be able to have a reading. The reading I asked for was a general one and the information she gave me basically gave … read more

    - Written by leanda

  • “Nicola C is a wonderful person. I can’t thank her enough for all her support. I’ve had a number of readings with her over the months and she is always honest and understands where I’m coming from in my concerns. I’ve been in a really bad place generally but especially … read more

    - Written by Aimee

  • “I had a reading with Nicola C yesterday and it has taken me 24 hours to be able to write this as i was totally blown away. I have had several readings now and whilst Nicola confirmed what i had been told before, Nicola’s reading gave me clarity, timing and … read more

    - Written by Helen

  • “Nicola C “rocks”!!! I didn’t have to say a word, she picked up on my situation straight away and was very honest and straight talking. She picked up every detail about my situation which is quite complex and even predicted a wedding in May next year. She shone a light … read more

    - Written by Julie

  • “Nicola C is absolutely fab. She gives me so much strength and confidence on my path. She is someone I could talk to all night and most importantly who I trust. She is honest, caring and down to earth.”

    - Written by Aimee