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 Michele says

Alesso gave me an incredibly specific Psychic reading including giving me the name of someone who my partner was having problems with. He picked up on an opportunity around me in America and many other fine details. He is a striking young talent. We are delighted to have him on board.

What people say

  • “This experience (although it had me emotionally hysterical at one point) was at no point ever a negative feeling. I don’t feel I will ever in this lifetime experience something like that again at the time when I needed it the most. Overall what I achieved from the session was … read more

    - Written by Lydia

  • “Well, Alesso, this is the second reading I’ve had with you and I’m not afraid to tell you how much I’ve been blown away! Wow! You are so very intuitive. You picked up on both of my interests and described them perfectly. Plus, you have also given me reassurance. My … read more

    - Written by P

  • I just had a reading with Alesso I’m VERY fussy as I’m a reader myself he honestly blew me away he picked up on my husbands lost father without being prompted he knew I had my own spiritual business and he also knew exactly what I had foreseen for the … read more

    - Written by Sheelagh

  • “Alesso is simply amazing. I just adore him. He knows my situation exactly and never lets me down. He tunes in and is on point to my POI and what is going on around her. I just simply love talking with him. He is truly led by spirit. He has … read more

    - Written by Kay

  • “My first and most inspiring reading with Alesso, I have not felt my partner in spirit for sometime, he advised me to wash my rose quartz crystals under running water and place under my pillow and I would have contact or a dream within the next couple of days. Thank … read more

    - Written by Gloria

  • “Just had a reading with Alesso, I never normally leave any reviews but this guy is the real deal. Gets straight in with no questions asked. Very black and white, no fluffyness which is what I loved about him. Look forward to another reading in the new year!”

    - Written by Neeta

  • “I have called Alesso a couple of times and he has the wow factor. His accuracy is incredible and his voice also soothing. It’s a genuine pleasure to have a reading from him. He even asked if a particular name meant anything and it was my dog. He then described … read more

    - Written by Phillip

  • “Alessos readings are always Amazing and accurate., and Alesso is my go to person now, he is calming and spiritual and some of his readings have been life changing.”

    - Written by Rachel

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