Psychic reader Amana

 Michele says

Amana has fabulous energy, All our testers found her uplifting. Amongst other things in her reading with me she talked about two lots of family members accurately, saying I had very close and trusted family in Ireland. Amana was able to pinpoint a place with real meaning to me. Oh, and she asked me why a lion was coming up so strongly. I had been staring at a lion for 24 hours as I had been working on creating the strength card. Not only that but my wife has always been called ‘the lioness’ because of her hair. I love her vibe!

What people say

  • “I would like to express my gratitude to Amana for an incredibly detailed and uplifting reading. I asked specific questions about my Career and Amana gave accurate details with such calm, precision and insightfulness. Amana also discussed my love life and spiritual journey, which was both powerful and emotional in … read more

    - Written by Maggie

  • “I loved to talk to Amana. Very nice lady and very intuitive. She tuned in right away with my situation and was very detailed. It felt like talking to a wise friend. I will definitely call her again.”

    - Written by Carla