Psychic reader Angelina

 Michele says

Angelina is a deeply modern spiritual reader. I loved her ability to get straight into a general reading by giving instant validation. I found her uplifting and supportive. She tuned into what is going on at the moment and gave me clear intuitive advice. I love her style. Let me know what you think. I predict she’s going to be very popular!

What people say

  • “Thank you Michele Knight for always having the best of the best physics, she’s not only beautiful on the outside (her profile is a magnet itself!), she’s beautiful from the inside and without me saying ANYTHING she started channelling and confirmed what my TOP 2 favourite physics here told me.”

    - Written by Seby

  • “I would just like to say thank you very much to Angelina who has just given me a caring and insightful reading. She tuned in after I had only spoken a couple of words and what she said to me resonated and matched exactly what I was thinking and feeling. Her … read more

    - Written by Janice

  • “Angelina is a very warm, super empathic and supportive person and will give information to you in a direct but compassionate way. I’ve had a couple of readings with her and your barely have to utter any words as she just tunes straight in and channels, which flows effortlessly. She gives … read more

    - Written by Lisa

  • “Angelina has provided specific guidance to me around a long term relationship issue with empathy, kindness and love. She is a very insightful reader who not only senses the energy fields of the two of us involved, buy also provided honest and open guidance as to the way forward for … read more

    - Written by Chris

  • “I had a reading with Angelina who was very precise and gave me some very informative information about me and my future. I would definitely recommend a reading with Angelina!”

    - Written by Tracy