Psychic reader Carmela

 Michele says

I LOVED Camela’s vibe. Carmela is the kind of psychic whose energy uplifts you right from the start. Carmela was precise in her test reading. She talked about me going to New York, and that I would be doing a radio show with an Australian.

I plan to go to New York to see one of my best pals, who is Australian, and a TV News anchor! I have appeared on her radio show in the past. Warm, inspiring, and very loving, I am delighted to have Carmela on board.

She was equally specific with another tester – She mentioned a link to Asia – Beijing in particular, and that someone close to me is studying Mandarin and will fly there. My daughter studies Mandarin and is very good at it and she was due to fly to Beijing earlier this year but now it will be next year.

And another said – She talked about my career, hubby’s career and picked up on very specific advice for my family and me. And things that only I would know about. The most specific was her mentioning that I would go to Mexico. And that is somewhere where I would love to go for a very important personal reason. Also, she picked up a film project for my husband that is coming in.

What people say

  • I’ve spoken to Carmela many times and each time she totally blows me away with her outstanding abilities. I love her direct style and I’m impressed with how she connects straightaway. So many things have happened as she says they will, and within days or weeks after speaking with her. … read more

    - Written by Anonymous

  • “I’ve had a couple of readings with Carmela, I feel I need to thank her for helping me uncover a chain of lies and deceit. From the start she pinpointed certain facts to me that seemed harmless, but couple of weeks later I received my own evidence and facts to … read more

    - Written by Irina

  • “I’ve had a few reading from Carmela now and she so lovingly direct and doesn’t beat around the bush and she’s so accurate too and honest! Thanks Carmela”

    - Written by Gemma

  • “I have been dealing with a couple of delicate issues; in my personal and professional life. I needed guidance to negotiate an issue with a family member. Carmela provided a safe space for me to listen and challenge her insight – unbelievable she was correct about every signal aspect. Due … read more

    - Written by B

  • “I had a recent reading with Carmela and holy molly, all I can say is unbelievable. The names, the situations and the accuracy was unreal. What an extremely gifted and talented psychic you have. Carmela was just mind blowing, what a beautiful creature as well. Carmela has blown me away … read more

    - Written by Gareth

  • “Wow, Wow, Wow, I’ve just had an amazing first time reading with Carmela, such warm wonderful positive vibes from her bubbly personality uplifted my day with messages from spirit and their names which I could relate to. The last 5 years my life has been a clutter due to my … read more

    - Written by Glo

  • “Just had a reading with this lovely woman. Carmela was absolutely fantastic. So uplifting and tuned in really well. A lovely lady, with a true talent. I will definitely be calling on her again.”

    - Written by Natalia

  • “WOW I just wanted to say I have been blown away tonight. Carmela only asked my name but into my reading she said the 8th September was a really important date, it’s my Birthday and also mentioned names that were all relevant and known to me. I asked for a … read more

    - Written by Rachel