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“Elizabeth has provided me with guidance over the last few months which has really helped me, more than she probably realises. I have been on a twin flame journey with an addict where the energy is sometimes brutal and sometimes angelic. Without her calm and reassuring messages I feel sure … read more

by Louise

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 Michele says

Elizabeth has worked on and off for me for over 20 years she is a true star! Elizabeth has been one of our top readers for decades! She dazzles with her specific and detailed readings and has a host of regular clients who have praised and used her for years. She’s clever, spot on and a one off. Check out her video for more.

What people say

  • I have spoken to Elizabeth 2190 several times about my relationship and she is very soothing and kind. She has helped to calm my mind and have me see that I do need to really believe in myself and him. That my self doubt is what is holding me back. … read more

    - Written by Greta

  • “Elizabeth was so wonderful, I felt so much love and compassion from her. She was truly lovely. I definately will call again!”

    - Written by Kris

  • “Elizabeth was tremendous. She tapped into detailed conformations straight away and was able to give exceptional understanding about my concerns. Elizabeth’s demeanor is lovely. Her voice is healing, yet I had no doubt that if she needed to deliver messages that were displeasing, she would have done so. She works … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “I’ve spoken to Elizabeth three times about a tricky relationship. Each time she’s been incredibly helpful and reassuring, and has explained the reasons why things are happening, and how they will be overcome in the future. She’s really really lovely to talk to.”

    - Written by Vanessa

  • “I am a reader as well and I was blown away with Elizabeth’s gentle, warm approach and reading. I thought it was a bit early for a rose petal bath (outlined in another clients testimonial’s analogy of having a reading with Elizabeth) but this is how it felt! She makes … read more

    - Written by Kay

  • “I thought Elizabeth was gentle and clear. She articulated concerns that made sense, about where I was going in life and choosing to see myself in the best developed capacity, for my highest good.”

    - Written by Stephanie

  • “I’ve had a number of readings with Elizabeth during the last few months and I felt compelled to say she’s an amazingly accurate psychic. A beautiful, kind lady who touched my soul. Elizabeth predicted I’d get back with my ex after 12 months apart, to the exact month, which seemed … read more

    - Written by Kam

  • “I had a reading with Elizabeth a few days ago, having read all the feedback on her amazingly accurate readings. Over the years have had many reading and I liked Elizabeth as she was to the point, sure of what she is telling you. She does not retract this, she … read more

    - Written by Maria

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