Psychic reader Eve

 Michele says

Eve was extremely detailed in her reading and focused on a female relative. I found it incredibly interesting as she gives very specific and unique details like the broth my mother cooked. Eve also nailed certain things which are not in the public eye, and I loved the quality of the quirky specifics as they were individual to me and not something I discuss. We also talked about a friend who recently passed away, and again she gave rich and layered psychic information. Eve is a strong and confident reader and is very grounded. I like that!

What people say

  • “I found my reading with Eve fascinating. I was trying to make sense of some current relationship situations and the insight given was very eye opening. She was able to pinpoint many of my perceptions with specifics, i.e., what evokes my feelings of comfort/serenity and she did the same regarding … read more

    - Written by Sally

  • I found Eve to be very accurate and even describing a horse riding accident I had as a child. Eve delved into my past lives which I found fascinating and very interesting. This really helped me understand the person I am today. She gave me great advice on a current … read more

    - Written by Charlotte