Psychic reader Hermis

 Michele says

Hermis blew me away. He has a way of reaching in and touching your heart. He told me personal information that was not only enlightening but empowering. If you want a deep psychic reading that is direct and straightforward I highly recommend him. He has a unique talent and I am so happy to have him on my team.

What people say

  • “My reading with Hermis was a breath of fresh air. He picked up very quickly without prompt from me underlying issues within my love life. Very direct and to the point without causing any offense, could have talked to him for hours. I will definitely be in touch with him … read more

    - Written by Lorraine

  • “I found Hermis to pick up on me right away especially my sense of humour he spoke of and saying how funny I am and that people must tell me this. They do! He got that spot on about me and that was within the 1st minute of the reading. … read more

    - Written by S