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 Michele says

Jonathan is a natural psychic clairvoyant, he does not use cards. His style of reading is direct with lots of detail and his energy is down to earth. One tester said that his insight and intuition was exceptional and that he was able to offer profound guidance and support.

What people say

  • “Oh my goodness! Just had a reading with Jonathan. First of all, what a delightful young man! Secondly, what an amazing reader! He blew me away! He got straight to the point of what is going on in my life with no prompting at all. He knew things about my … read more

    - Written by Liz

  • “Jonathan is just amazing. I have had many readings with him and he just gets straight to it. He’s also got a great sense of humour and makes you feel so uplifted. Most of all, he is honest and will not give you false hope. I kept asking him if … read more

    - Written by Kiran

  • “Jonathan is a stellar reader (intuitive) with impeccable people skills and empathy, his tone to the point but given with such genuine intention. Jonathan’s ability to read people and situations is of the ilk you would expect from Michele Knight, however Jonathan goes far beyond the expectation which so impressed me! You don’t just get answers you get … read more

    - Written by Sarah D

  • “Jonathan has the gift. He is direct voiced and commands the messages he gets from Spirit with a richness that is quite rare. His personality is contagious. Such a vibrant soul. Speaking with him is an uplifting, rarely found experience. He is real beyond measure, energetic and chill all at … read more

    - Written by L

  • “I had my first reading with Jonathon and cannot speak highly enough of him. Jonathon, with no prompting or tools, was able to pick up on me as a person and my circumstances in about two minutes. His specific details and strong intuition in the reading amazed me! What I … read more

    - Written by Kathy

  • “I was just so impressed with him, very accurate and detailed around me as a person and my journey so far, even down to my personal insecurities and dreams. Jonathan also described my home in perfect detail and a work issue I am facing. But What really took my breath … read more

    - Written by Helen

  • “I’ve been waiting for Jonathan 2293 for about a month & I must say it’s worth the wait! We laughed so much over the phone, I felt like talking to my best friend, he’s so warm. It feels like the most expensive glass of wine in front of a fireplace, … read more

    - Written by S

  • “After linking in during my first reading, Jonathan got straight to the heart of the situation I was calling about with no input from me. He gave me a colossal amount of information and everything he passed on was so incredibly detailed, but at the same time easy to make … read more

    - Written by Anon

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