Psychic reader Lara

 Michele says

Lara is back! Lara worked for me a few years ago and I am absolutely thrilled that she is with the team once more as people loved her readings. She inherited her psychic abilities from her Italian grandmother and tunes in using all the skills of clairvoyance plus her mediumistic abilities.

What people say

  • “I would like to leave a testimonial for Lara. I had been trying without luck to get a reading with her and managed today…she connected with and encouraged me in a way that I am truly grateful for. I now know why Lara is so popular!”

    - Written by

  • “Had reading with Lara on 1/10/12 and she is a great credit to your company. Friendly and easy to talk to, not that I did much talking as she was too busy giving an excellent reading, describing my personality and the guy I was asking about, as well as the … read more

    - Written by Joanne

  • “Lara immediately picked up on my situation within seconds of me saying hello to her! She was very supporting, a real inspiration.”

    - Written by Ann-Marie

  • “I had a reading with Lara 10th Jan’11. What an amazing lady! Lara gave me a very clear description of what was going on in my head regarding finances and how to deal with it. She knew this was the most important thing to tackle and she also gave me … read more

    - Written by Vanessa

  • “She was wonderful – I liked her a lot. She gave me an excellent reading and connected to me very strongly. Thoroughly enjoyed the reading and got the guidance I needed.”

    - Written by Catherine

  • “I had a reading with Lara this morning 7th Feb 2011 and I couldn’t believe how my reading was. She knew things that no one could have known about me. She was such a warm, friendly person but doesn’t beat about the bush, she will tell you straight. I felt … read more

    - Written by Becky

  • “Had an excellent reading with Lara today. I gave no information but she picked up on the 3 main areas of concern in my life. She explained the current situation in my work and love life. Astonishingly she knew that my daughter was an A level student and with no … read more

    - Written by Jane

  • “I just had a second wonderful reading with Lara. She was able to describe my ex perfectly and things have already been happening from her first reading. She is warm and a real pleasure to speak to you. I would highly recommend her and would like to thank her for … read more

    - Written by Sonia