Psychic reader Loretta J

 Michele says

Loretta J is a healer and clairvoyant who channels for Spirit and Angels.  As a voice for Spirit, Loretta J gets an overview of your situation then receives clear,  practical guidance to help empower your decision making. We love her warm  and honest approach.

What people say

  • “Just had a lovely reading with Loretta J, who was warm, inspiring, reassuring, and made me feel much better. She really picked up on what was happening with me and I thoroughly recommend her.”

    - Written by Nicola

  • “Hi – Just had a reading with Loretta J (2124) – my goodness I didn’t have to say a word. She picked up right from the beginning everything I have been dealing with. How this year is a key year for me and that I was at the beginning of … read more

    - Written by J

  • “Just had a reading with Loretta J. I found her gifted and fantastic! She really knew my situation and I felt that she could see right inside of me. Her precise reading has given me inspiration for the future. I will definitely be having a reading with her again. She is … read more

    - Written by Julia

  • “I just had a fab reading from Loretta, it was the best reading I have had in a long time thank you.”

    - Written by Clare

  • “I’ve just had a reading with Loretta – what a lovely lady! She picked up on so many things without prompting and gave some great advice. Her predictions made total sense and she has given me confidence that I am on the right path.”

    - Written by Kate

  • “I had a reading with Loretta J.   I thought she was amazing – she got straight to the point, I did not need to fill in the gaps. I was so happy with the reading and I think she is probably one of the best readers I have had.”

    - Written by Liz

  • “Loretta’s reading that she gave me was in depth. Plenty to focus on and lots of positive affirmations about the future. Thank you!”

    - Written by Lisa

  • “I loved my reading with Loretta J I thought she was amazing.”

    - Written by Naomi