Psychic reader Loretta J

 Michele says

Loretta J is a healer and clairvoyant who channels for Spirit and Angels.  As a voice for Spirit, Loretta J gets an overview of your situation then receives clear,  practical guidance to help empower your decision making. We love her warm  and honest approach.

What people say

  • “Thanks to Loretta for a very helpful reading. I had called about a specific issue, but Loretta picked up on things that were going on around me, which were actually the things I needed to focus on first. She was direct, warm, and didn’t prolong the call longer than she … read more

    - Written by Maria

  • “Had a very intelligent and practical reading with Loretta J who identified everything that is going on in life at the moment and what practical empowering steps can be taken to help change the situation. Really good clairvoyant. Recommend her.”

    - Written by PT

  • “I had a reading today with Loretta J and it was excellent, I found her incredible.”

    - Written by GMS

  • “Had fantastic readings with Kim, Jeanie and especially Loretta. In particular Loretta was superb and I didn’t say a thing she was so positive and left me feeling very enthusiastic.”

    - Written by B

  • “I would like to thank Loretta for a very uplifting, honest and truly amazing reading. The way she connects with her spirit guides is stunning – and everything Loretta told me was true in detail; I received very good predictions – I know because some of them have already started … read more

    - Written by Anna

  • “Loretta, thank you for such a wonderful reading, I very much look forward to the next six months to see how things develop in my relationship area…”

    - Written by B

  • “Hi – I had a reading today with Loretta J, and WOW! At first I didn’t know what to expect while she went away and ‘tuned in’, but I was definately astonished when she came back with vast amounts of information for me – without me even having said a … read more

    - Written by Sanaa

  • “I literally just had a reading with Loretta. I was absolutely blown away and fascinated. I did not have to ask any questions, she just reeled off the information she had connected with.  She also gave me some very insightful guidance on how to deal with a particular person around … read more

    - Written by Sonia