Psychic reader Robyn

 Michele says

Robyn was so definite in her psychic test reading I was very impressed. Robyn told me I was looking through a plastic box full of old notes which was exactly what I had been doing! She then shared very personal details which were accurate, deep and intense! She has a similar style to Sadie, she does not beat around the bush! I loved her confidence and her manner.

What people say

  • Robyn connected immediately and started firing out information, WOW everything made sense and the people coming through too were all connected to me. Was a very comforting reading and I’m pleased to have found her.

    - Written by Charlotte

  • “Absolutely brilliant reader. She was on the ball and I felt she was inside of my head. She was spot with everything regarding a house purchase I was dithering over. Robyn has enabled me to gain clarity and make the right decision and ultimately save me from an emotional and … read more

    - Written by Charlotte

  • “I’ve had quite a few fantastic readings here (Maya, Pauline, Eileen, Cate) but the one that stands out the most and meant the most to me was a reading I had with Robyn. I asked her if there were any relatives from the other side that wanted to speak with … read more

    - Written by J