Psychic reader Rosilee

 Michele says

Rosilee is a psychic tarot reader. In her test reading she got straight to the heart of an issue one tester was dealing with and delivered the reading with a lot of depth, compassion and spiritual wisdom that in my book takes a psychic connection up to a truly empowering reading. Strong on relationship readings, Rosilee is a very welcome addition to the team.

What people say

  • “I had a reading with Rosaliee pin 2164 and she has and is still helping me get through a situation with a gentleman I am with. she knows exactly what’s been going on that day or that week without me having to tell her anything. She told me this relationship … read more

    - Written by J

  • “Just finished a reading with Rosilee. She was great: she gave very detailed and insightful information into my situation involving different people. She also gave me a long-term outlook.”

    - Written by Rachel

  • “I have had a couple of readings recently with Rosilee. She tuned straight in to a complicated situation I’m in with a man. I’m confident that what she’s predicted will happen. I found her so comfortable to talk to, In fact it was like talking to a mate. Would definately have … read more

    - Written by E

  • “I had a reading with Rosilee and would like to say she is amazing! She was able to tell me about my current situation, without me telling her anything. She is well and truly worth the call!”

    - Written by Dee

  • “I would like to leave a feedback for Rosilee who has helped me through sooo much over the past 4 months and counting. I have been going through a lot of changes and had to put up with a few odd situations with my special “teddy” that would sometimes leave … read more

    - Written by C.G

  • “I have just had a lovely reading with Rosilee. Has given me much clarity in one particular area of my life. Very calm reader and will be asking for her guidance again in the near future!”

    - Written by Michaela