Psychic reader Sam

 Michele says

Sam was born with her intuitive gifts. Testers said that she quickly tuned in and delivered plenty of detail but she also went way beyond the surface to deliver a reading that worked at a very deep, soul level. I found her incredibly uplifting and the reading helped me get clear on a direction that I needed to take on something really important to me. It felt like a light bulb moment and I was actually inspired. As always – let me know what you think.

What people say

  • “I’ve had a few readings with Sam now and thought it time I left her some much deserved feedback. She’s very easy to talk to and delivers information in a way that is so easy to digest with lots of laughs along the way. I always feel uplifted and in … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “Speaking to Sam about a relationship that went pear-shaped saved me a lot of heartache, time and money on counselling which may or may not have been successful. That break up was the most painful occurrence in my life to date. I felt that speaking to her was better than counselling as … read more

    - Written by Diana

  • “I have had two readings and my mother has also received a reading with Sam 2170. She predicted when my mother would hear from someone and it happened! She helped me make sense of stuff and opened my eyes to what was going on. You can just feel how gifted … read more

    - Written by Laura

  • Had a reading with Sam & she was terrific. She very accurately described & understood all the people around me, on a deep level. She was completely positive, yet could see the challenges around me. She gave me excellent & original advice about a personal work project & i’ve been … read more

    - Written by Christine

  • “I would like to leave long over due feed back for 2170 Sam. I have had several readings with Sam over the past few months and would like to say what an absolute tonic she is. As soon as you speak to her on the phone she taps into your … read more

    - Written by Roger

  • “I just had a phone reading with Sam and she was a delight and a humongous relief; been through 4 different other readers whom just fed me so much BS at a costly expense, and thought “OK, I will give M.Knight’s site a chance and hope for the best. Was … read more

    - Written by Becca

  • “I would like to leave feedback for Sam 2170. I had a reading with her yesterday (29/01/12) and it was brilliant. Within a few minutes she felt like my best friend. Completely tuned in, honest and positive. I had a issue with a relationship and she instantly got to the … read more

    - Written by Nicole

  • I would love to leave a review about Sam’s readings I have taken with her over the last 3 months (Feb. – May 2023). Sam has a true psychic talent for me and need not to use any other additional tools in her readings. And I LOVE THAT. During her … read more

    - Written by Tereza