Psychic reader Serac

 Michele says

Serac is a rising young psychic who is exceptionally gifted. I met Serac  and saw him give a reading to a friend and I was impressed with his direct, factual and empathetic approach. He is not only deep but also very grounded.

What people say

  • “I have spoken with Serac several times and he has become my favourite psychic to consult when I need a reading. He’s so detailed and he goes straight to the point. His readings are always very comforting because he always highlights the positive even in a difficult situation. He’s honest … read more

    - Written by Carla

  • This is my first review ever, and English is my second language. I just want to let you know I was very happy with my reading today. He was very informative, lots of information and explanaitions about the cards. I am a tarotcard nerd myself, and I really liked that … read more

    - Written by Katrine

  • “Serac is lovely. He got straight to the point. Able to connect with my energy and read me perfectly. Wow! With regards to my POI again Serac was able to tell me exactly how things rest between us, how he feels and how he tends to act under stress. Wow … read more

    - Written by Petra

  • “Best I’ve had in all the 8 years I’ve been using the service. Accurate, direct and to the point.”

    - Written by Keely

  • Serac’s ability to sense the energies of the present moment and immediate future is startling. That he does so with such grace and a lightness of touch is a gift. I appreciate that he rarely (at least in readings that I’ve had with him) dives too far ahead in time, … read more

    - Written by Anon