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venus in leo

Venus in Leo – Light my fire – July 11th 2024 Onwards

Bold, fierce, beautiful. There’s nothing shy about Venus when it moves into the sign of warm, confident, and dazzling Leo. Unlike the bashful, subtle energy of Venus in Cancer, this Venus is all show-stopping, heart-on-your-sleeve, unstoppable, and authentic expression. It doesn’t hold back. It has to express itself.  Venus in Leo is in love with […]

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New Moon in Cancer


YOUR NEW MOON IN CANCER MOONSCOPE JULY 5 2024 By our psychic Elena Radiant purity of intention shines out from the new Moon in its ruling sign of Cancer. And let’s not resort to stereotypes now. All that cup-cake baking, soothing cocooning and spoon-fed nurturing we’re force fed about Cancer. Out with the generalised astrology! […]

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Monthly Astrology July 2024 Forecast For All Signs

ARIES Expand your possibilities Allow answers to emerge The tide of attraction flows effortlessly your way! Introspection is always followed by expansion, Aries. So, spend some time in contemplation at the start of July. And use this to get very clear on what it is you want to go for next. Yes, you are on […]

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cancer season

Weekly Astrology June 24th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Gratitude and appreciation fuel progress Make the moment last Reality doesn’t bite – it’s a blessing! Enjoyment goes hand-in-hand with reality this week. We have free flowing trines and sextiles dancing across the summer sky between planets in Cancer, Taurus and Saturn in Pisces. The appreciation of what we have at our disposal should […]

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weekly astrology cancer

Weekly Astrology June 17th 2024 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Weave an irresistible story Weigh those options You’re the voice! Find your voice this week. Following through on that impulse or insight, that playful, impulsive idea that takes over, could not only boost your following, but hand you a win this week thanks to Mercury (in its ruling 3rd), and Venus (17th). Anything you’re […]

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june astrology

Your monthly Horoscopes June 2024

ARIES That idea takes you further than you thought possible The news is too big to miss Spin the wheel of fortune! Many astrologers are calling June 3 the luckiest or most game-changing day of the year. Daring and can-do courage fuels your focus, Aries. You’re walking the walk and talking the talk on the […]

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Jupiter in gemini

Jupiter in Fire Signs Forecast

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – Your Horoscope for Jupiter in Gemini 2024 – 2025 Jupiter – planet of opportunity, abundance, solutions and luck enters airy Gemini on May 25, 2024. And will remain there until June 9, 2025. Jupiter takes 12 years to do a complete circuit of our astrological charts. So it spends a […]

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