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Weekly Astrology 4th May 2020 - A Past Life Connection

Weekly Astrology 25th May 2020 – The future revealed

Weekly Astrology 25th May 2020 – The future revealed For your Written Astrology for May 25th 2020 click here The North Node is all about timing and karma. 19-year cycles to be precise. It’s now in Gemini which rules communication and commerce as well as our early lives. So, as Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet bumps […]

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good clairvoyant

How to be a good clairvoyant

If we’re all psychic then we’re also all clairvoyant to some degree. Try these 3 easy hot hacks to turn on your clairvoyant gifts. These simple techniques are great for practising clairvoyants and newbies!

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