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jupiter in pisces

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 10th 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 10th 2021 By our astrologer and psychic Elena Aries Step into a world of pure imagination Invisible assets boost your self- worth Revelations hand you solutions Time for new beginnings and to expect expansion and new growth. Provided you work with the tools of insight, intuition and imagination, […]

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 2021

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs May 2021 ARIES ‘Re’ words re-write your rules Intuition reveals a new path Get ready for intangible, invisible benefits! Stand by this May because cruise control isn’t something you can rely on Aries. Time to take the wheel of destiny and steer yourself in the direction you want to […]

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full moon scorpio

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 26th 2021

Weekly Horoscopes April 26th 2021 Aries Define what truly matters What’s most precious is in focus Renegotiate if necessary This week delivers a value-added full supermoon in your 8th on the 27th. Plus, we have a Sun/Uranus conjunction on the 30th in your 2nd. Yes, this is your 2nd/8th house axis and its all about […]

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mars in cancer

Mars in Cancer, ☄️ 🦀 A Warrior Of Nurturing.

Mars, the planet of energy, fire, passion, and assertiveness, is going into sidestepping Cancer until June 11th. How can we make the most of this cosmic alignment? Mars gives us the power to speak up and speak out about our needs. We can fiercely nest and take the space that we require guilt-free. Mars/Cancer vibe […]

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monthy astrology

Astrology Forecast April 2021 – Magical Happenings

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 2021 By our psychic Elena Aries Start a new cycle of opportunity Happy Astrological New Year You’re the Wiz! Who makes it happen? You do this April, Aries. Your usual pro-active warrior spirit propels you forward. You know wishing isn’t enough. You gotta get doing for magic to […]

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