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Weekly Astrology December 4 2023 Forecast for All Signs

ARIES Own those desires Sometimes getting to yes means saying no first Make it happen! Powerful aspects trigger more than just ‘All I want for Christmas’ desires, Aries. If there’s a festive song about wanting something deeper under that tree, then it would be top of your playlist right now. Venus’s arrival in Scorpio turns […]

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December 2023 Monthly Astrology Video

Your December Astrology video with Michele Knight Waite. December has a tricky Mercury retrograde from the 13th, so make sure you have any important conversations before then. Venus in Scorpio brings passion and commitment with a fabulous, loving vibe on 25th December. Watch your December astrology video to find out how best to take advantage […]

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taurus eclipse

Eclipse Season Tarotscope – Relationship Changes

Eclipse Season Tarotscope – Relationship Changes It’s officially spooky season. No, I’m not talking about Halloween but eclipse season, where mysteries and secrets unravel. It can feel dramatic and surprising at the time, with more twists and turns than a 90’s comedy horror. We must channel our inner Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic and trust […]

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Your Tarotscope for the week ahead

Tarotscope for the week ahead Grab a seat, open your intuition, and pick one of the 5 Tarot cards. Allow yourself to sense which one is for you. As well as the description, trust your psychic ability to pick up clues to your week ahead. PS Click here to buy your Knight-Waite Tarot book and […]

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new moon in scorpio

Your October Monthly Horoscopes 2023

ARIES Set your soul direction! Aim that broomstick higher! Your October astrology forecast allows you to chart a course free from eclipse shadows. We’ve two this month. You’ve more in your New and Full Eclipse Moonscopes. Your current monthly horoscope brings you the answer to magical mysteries and possibilities this Halloween! Be prepared for the […]

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Weekly Astrology October 2nd 2023 Forecast For All Signs

ARIES Intuition gets validation Say it anyway – but always with love Real world moves bring real results Grounding energy brings you a truth telling moment. Your intuition is validated. The facts speak for themselves. There’s no hiding from them. Hopefully you have held on to the lodestone of your gut feelings. And not taking […]

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full moon in aries

Your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope September 29 2023

Your Full Moon in Aries Moonscope September 29 2023 With astrologer Elena and Michele Knight-Waite Go Your Own Way is a song about moving beyond pain. It’s about acceptance and also doing the right thing by YOU. This is yet another full Supermoon. The fourth we have seen. And in self-actualising Aries, it is all […]

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8 tarot cards

Your Weekly Tarotscope – Pick a Tarot card

Your Weekly Tarotscope – Pick a Tarot card Ready for your Tarotscope? Pick a tarot card for psychic insight into your week ahead. Tarot works best when you use your intuition. Know that you are a psychic superstar, and allow yourself to feel if any cards have a message about your week ahead.  Tarot Card […]

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