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THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ORACLE With our psychic reader David

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION  With our psychic reader David Hi there, I’m David – one of Michele Knight’s team of psychic readers. I’ve been giving readings for many years now, and I have seen first-hand that positive thinking can change what you are attracting to yourself. You have probably read about the Law of Attraction, […]

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Happiness is catching

You really can spread a little happiness Up until now, the notion of ‘spreading a little happiness’ as we go through our day might have seemed like just a nice idea, but research has shown an astonishing degree to which our positive moods really do spread to others. A Harvard study published in late 2010 […]

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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction tells us that attracts like.  When you master its principles, you can attract anything you want into your life.  Alongside Cosmic Ordering, I’ve tapped into it for literally decades with stunning results.    How does it work? Nearly all forms of ancient wisdom and esoteric teachings suggest that everything that shows […]

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