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How to deal with regrets.

how to heal regret.It’s normal to have regrets. If we didn’t this would mean we have learned nothing from our mistakes and choices. We mustn’t let regret torment us, but use it as fertiliser to grow a beautiful life based on what we learned from making the choices we did. Michele talks about her regrets.

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Two Wolves -The Science of Happiness

Compassion, gratitude and trust release chemicals which lower our heart rate and relieve stress. A recent study on the science of happiness has shown us that compassion, gratitude and trust release chemicals which lower our heart rate and relieve stress. Darwin said ‘Sympathy is our strongest emotion’ and it has been proven to be scientifically true.

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Clearing ancestral psychic blocks

I’ve talked before about psychic blocks as being patterns of thoughts and beliefs that can slow down our ability to manifest. It’s also important to remember that many of the thoughts and beliefs that we have aren’t actually our own. Not only do we have to sift and sort those that are truly ours and […]

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Law of attraction and your passion!

The Law of Attraction and Passion The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like and that the stronger your vibration, the more pull you exert on what you want to draw in. Learning to work with Law of Attraction is all about tuning into and turning up the volume of the vibration of whatever […]

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Michele's tarot card of the day

The Star

Hope The Universe is sending you a big dose of healing. It’s time to trust in your creative spirit. Inspiration, hope, and other inventive peeps are coming your way. You can find meaning from the past but also able to let it go and follow your souls calling. The Star tells you that is a […]

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The Master Key System Explained – Part Two

Have you noticed any kinds of themes or patterns that keep repeating in your life?  Do you feel that life is a magical and abundant journey in which whatever you need always seems to show up or literally land in your lap?  Or perhaps you feel that life is a huge uphill struggle and you […]

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Cosmic ordering vision board

How to make a vision board Whether you are using the Law of Attraction or Cosmic Ordering, a vision board works its own intriguing kind of magic. A vision board is simply a board on which you paste images and words that resonate with what you want to draw in.  A good one helps you […]

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