Testimonial for Jo by Gilly, Lancashire - October 24, 2023

It was my first reading with Jo and she was warm and friendly and did not need any prompting. The only question she asked was what area would you like me to concentrate on and I said my creativity. She immediately responded with Singing,  she saw me singing light operas/classical type music, I was blown away as I have always loved singing and have sung in very large classical choirs. over many years. Jo said I need to find my voice and sing, and the hairs on my neck stood up as I shared with her I was setting up a choir and that weekend was the first rehearsal and i was stressed! I was told not to worry people will come to help , and they did.  Without any prompting Jo went on to say my relationship had ended but not to worry as there is another one coming in. Yes true again, I highly recommend Jo.