Testimonial for

Thought she was great actually really confident. Very precise and said everything with conviction.

She picked up straight away on my husbands work and an issue we were having this week. Was spot on actually. And gave some very reassuring advice concerning this matter and moving into the future.

She picked up on my Father in law who is dying and has predicted travel to somewhere really hot in relation to this (Father in Law lives in Australia). Told me there was a finality to this situation (which I took as his death) as he is dying.

She talked about an agent coming forward for my husbands work and talked about him travelling to LA for his work in the future which is definitely on the cards for him.

Emma had looked at some cards before I called and so had already looked at what I might be asking about so that was also impressive.

Her manner was reassuring but no nonsense straight to the point I trusted what she was saying and felt inspired by the end of the call.