Testimonial for

Very positive

She described my current relationship (didn’t pickup I was already married) But she said alot of people said we wouldn’t make it and it was 100% the right decision for me. At the time of my self and Andy dating, I heard this from a few people!

She said I went through a big change recently with work and I got a surprise, she sees it flowing nicely, didn’t pick up on actual job

She saw me photographing a rose (I do take alot of pictures) and being surrounded by photographs.

Alot of animals around me (true)

She mentioned my artwork being framed in a gallery (my spencer Tunick naked pic is being unveiled in April in the local art gallery)

She saw alot of green around me and that I like being outdoors and gardening, also my living room and dining room are green and I have a forest mural in my living room.

She knew I was going away at Easter and I would be surrounded by water…going to Ireland on the ferry!

All in all It was a good reading, she didn’t sound nervous at all.