Testimonial for

I don’t know where to start. She is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C Simple!

I said my date of birth and it was enough for her to pick up the two mains subjects in my mind.

For example, my mother is driving us insane because we need her to move houses and she is being extremely unreasonable.

Without me asking/saying ANYTHING about it she said: “An older woman, maybe gemini or virgo, is driving you crazy, because she has the key to your peace of mind and she is holding the cards. It is linked to inheritance and financial situation”

Well, it is spot on. We need to move my parents from where they live to a smaller place, because the house is massive and the expenditure is even bigger. They cannot even go upstairs anymore and she now decided she is going to a place even further from where they live. She is soooooo stubborn!

Then, she moved to my love life and again it was spot on to the T.

I can only praise her for her excellent work. Better of all in 16 minutes she had said everything. To say she will be a star on the site is an understatement.