Testimonial for Louise by Alison - March 3, 2020

“I contacted a few readers over the last few years as I have been through a particularly difficult time in my life and have had some great readings but feel compelled to write a personal note on my experiences with Louise. Louise is not only an amazing Psychic she was so incredibly supportive and really helps you think about things often helping you look at the situation from other angles. Her accuracy in events is unbelievable for example – she told me music would make a huge difference to my Mum who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, gave information about my sister when information came through on a reading that supported my sister when she was indeed approached the following day requesting she lend money. Her timings also are delivered with incredible accuracy and conviction. All in all though it has to be said, that it is not just the accuracy, it is the lovely and genuine way she approaches her work and when you have a reading with her it feels like you have just spoken to a dear friend that truly understands you and wants to help! Thank you so much Louise.”