Testimonial for

“Had a reading recently with Alicia. She was spot on, gave lots of information. I gave her no information up front, she validated the people and the situation, picked up exactly on specific behaviours of a person surrounding me and identified areas for me to consider how to handle the situation. She was very compassionate and has a lovely sense of humor. I hope she sticks around as she was very much on the money. I felt validated and she asked relevant questions for clarity, yet she was right on with her sense of the situation. She is not airy fairy and prone to tell you her personal thoughts. She offers guidance to consider and questions, to ask yourself about the situation as opposed to blunt directive views.Alicia is most certainly gifted and is able to pick up really detailed, explicit information that she could not know, nor was it based in information I volunteered. She spoke of work and the difficulties i have experienced. Alicia is a great asset!”