Testimonial for Pam by E - March 17, 2021

“I’m writing to tell you about my reading with Pam. What a talent as well as an incredible experience. Pam was able to tune into my story immediately, she connected with my loved one who had passed on many years ago but it felt like I was on a telephone call with that loved one and Pam was the interpreter for us. Pam was able to help me validate some of the visions that I had seen in my dreams over the past few months as well as provide me with new insights which made sense of my current situation. I have made great connections with a few of the talented readers on your site, but Pam absolutely blew me away. I said thank you to her on our call but I have to say again thank you for making her a part of your team, she is a talent and an absolute angel thanks again. She is just so connected and it is super inspiring to be able to connect with a reader as gifted as she.”