Testimonial for Niyah by Serena - December 20, 2022

“Clear sight with a Goddess voice narration! Have you ever needed a good conversation of understanding with options? Niyah makes it easier to face challenges as someone whose ambitious to help find a new pathway or escape route! She turns a tough day, week or month of worry into a season of mapping out the clients next steps and best path. She’s the perfect one to call for a laugh, encouragement or even cry! Well, Niyah is purely heart and soul feel good medicine. She’s read for me several times this year. As a business owner of a large company it is not easy to see all sides or options surrounding circumstances, however Niyah has helped navigate treacherous territory while at the same time advising me who or what to look out for. Have you ever just needed to call up a girlfriend and talk about life seeking wisdom or mentorship, if so Niyah is the one to call for a feel good rejuvenated experience. In the event the reading is serious or somber, she takes you’re hand and ear walking gently through the material for understanding with love. Niyah is like calling a sister up on days I need to vent or understand life. As a woman she reads with such a powerful, beautifully descriptive style it sounds like hearing the most gorgeous narrative about one’s own life. She explains in specific detail or as an outlined story of happenings. It is a mystical experience with her that is soul moving. In just 6 months of working with this fun, loving & encouraging spiritualist my life has greatly changed, gone is a toxic circle of friends, I went to work in a town which lead to success and happiness but most importantly Niyah has illuminated the areas in my life that needed healing while offering sage advice of how to heal those areas! This woman loves her work, she loves to share her guides & gifts to you. Michele Knights team is beautiful! From reception to reading they take care of you . Thank you Niyah”