Testimonial for by Vanessa - January 11, 2011

“I had a reading with Lara 10th Jan’11. What an amazing lady! Lara gave me a very clear description of what was going on in my head regarding finances and how to deal with it. She knew this was the most important thing to tackle and she also gave me a County which was important to me. A new companion/love interest and spookily as a particular man crept into my mind,Lara asked if i knew who he was and i could identify with him. So she told me to just forget that bit and as too much information doesn’t always help things along. Infact she told me everything in the order of significance to everything i had on my mind. I will definately come back to Lara. She’s managed to give me renewed confidence in life. I have been burying my head in the sand and couldn’t see a clear path ahead. I’m ready to tackle the next few months head on and watch life take a turn for the better. Thanks Lara.”