Psychic reader Seven 2339


pin: 2339

“I was very impressed with Seven. I phoned on the spur of the moment as I was concerned and distressed about a family issue. He grasped the situation and got the feel of it straight away exhibiting a very good insight into the situation. He also told me things that I didn’t know but have suspected. Seven then went onto help direct me in how I could navigate a very difficult situation. His manner was warm and friendly at the same time as being direct and supportive. I came away from the reading feeling empowered and much calmer.”


pin: 2296

“I had a reading recently with Alesso and was impressed. I could feel his connection with the subjects and questions in my life. His insights gave me comfort and confirmation of what I felt was going on.”


pin: 2305

“Honey nailed the issue at hand in a matter of minutes and had me understanding the way forward  just as quick. I have come away from this reading with a clear head and an uplifted heart. Honey is a tremendous reader and I will be consulting her again.”



pin: 2191

“Belinda was right again. This is my 2nd review. Her initial reading provided several time-frames. She was dead on. First she said he would contact me the next evening from our call but also said he would contact me within 4 days. He texted the next night like she said and then on the 4th day, he messaged through Facebook. Literally floored. The next time frame she said two weeks will begin a reconciliation process. Feeling positive.”


pin: 2342

Robyn connected immediately and started firing out information, WOW everything made sense and the people coming through too were all connected to me. Was a very comforting reading and I’m pleased to have found her.


pin: 2191

“I had a reading with Belinda. She was amazing. She asked me if there was anything specific I wanted to know and all I said was that my boyfriend and I broke up and wanted to know how he was feeling and if I would hear from him. From that I didn’t have to say anything else. She described him to a T and provided me with details of what he was feeling which was exactly what he had told me. She informed me that I would hear from him within 4 days but then said she thought it would actually be the next night. She also said that there would be a two week period that he would be processing and this meant something as I was leaving for a vacation a few days later for two weeks. Well I waited to write this to see if he would call that next evening and just like she said– he texted the next night.”

Lucy U

pin: 2330

“I’ve never left feedback before but felt my reading with Lucy U definitely deserves one. The detail she gives you with no prompting is totally amazing. Without knowing anything about me, Lucy told me of a meeting I would have with a man. The outcome of the meeting. A woman I would be introduced to because of this meeting and what would happen when I met her and how my business would change. Everything and more she told me was exact, not close but literally exactly as it happened. There are a few other things that will happen later on in the year but seriously, this lady is phenomenal!”


pin: 2174

“I would like to say how amazing I think Stella is as a reader. Every time I have spoken with her she has always been 100% accurate. She is very direct and does not mince her words. I believe her to be a truly exceptional lady who is very tuned in and genuinely has psychic abilities.”