pin: 2269

“I had a consultation with David, he was calm and seemed very genuine. He made me very comfortable through this rough time and was objective with the decisions I have to make while being honest. It was more than a “yes you have a future” or “no you are wasting your time” with that person. He offered guidance while respecting my current situation/state of mind. He brought a sense of peace. I’ll recommend him and will call him again.”


pin: 2190

“Yesterday, I had a reading with Elizabeth and I have to write to you to say she was not only excellent but has the most ‘’pure’’ aura I have come across. Just talking to her and listening to her voice, lifted my soul and made me feel so very much better about the world around me. She was also accurate in her reading about the current situation – and we’ll see what the outcomes are! Mainly, she was a gentle inspiration, offering practical and heartfelt guidance. I was so very grateful that I rang. Thank you all: for an excellent site and a portfolio of readers who obviously care very much.”


pin: 2140

“As an ex psychic phone reader, I must say that I was very impressed with Jo – 2140. I was worried about a situation and she helped to put my mind at rest. Her energy was warm and I felt a real psychic connection. She gave me some wonderful advice and I’m now looking forward to the future. If you’re looking for a great accurate reading full of wisdom and kindness, Jo is your lady.”

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Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“I have spoken to Kelline a few times in the last few weeks. She is honest and direct. She gives a lot of details in her readings. She picked up on a lot of details about my situation and predicted things that were spot on. I am usually quite impatient in my readings but I can see why I connect with her. I would definitely recommend her to my friends who visit Michele Knight.”


pin: 2267

“I would like to leave a review for Mary! WOW WOW WOW! Last night she blew me away with some amazing information. She tuned straight into the situation and gave me amazing insight. Last night she gave me information on someone in my life with an M name. This morning some of the things she told me came true. He is over visiting the states and sent me a picture from Vegas (the very next day wow). She is kind and easy to talk to and I just wish we had longer to talk. I will definitely be calling Mary again.”

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Happiness The Sun brings you a gift of long-awaited happiness. You’re heading into a time of play and joy. Insecurity is soon to be a thing of the past. When was the last time you let your hair down and had fun? The Full Moon should have provided the clues to where your happiness is. […]

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Lucy U

pin: 2330

“I have been speaking to Lucy for a few months now and wanted to pass on my thanks. Lucy is a fantastic find. Her readings are incredibly detailed with great timings attached. I first contacted Lucy as I have been going through major life changes and wanted to know about a particular relationship. She told me the energy wasn’t there but a man would come in with my house move in 4 weeks and he would come in with the stars. Well i moved house in those 4 weeks and the day after a particular man contacted me via online dating and our relationship has continued to grow. I have since spoken to Lucy each month and she has given me information and timings in relation to a new job I am starting. She is such a credit to the Michele Knight family.”


pin: 2125

“I wanted to let Trinity know how much I love her and her advice. The calmness of her voice and the fact that she can relate to my situation has been a Godsend over this past few months. I only speak to 3 readers and she is one of them. I adore her and I feel that she can tune into my situation with no problem. She is always my biggest cheerleader but is also giving me information that I need to hear. She pulls no punches. Trinity is a fantastic reader and I recommend her to everyone!”


pin: 2161

“I have been a MK user for over a year and half. I had my first reading with Hazel in the beginning of December. To say that I was blown away is not even the right words. She has said things to me that no one else knows and has predicted things that have already come into fruition. I have had two other readings with her since the original one and she blows my mind every time. I have had one of the hardest years ever and she has given me the confidence to feel that I can move forward with confidence. Love you Hazel!”


pin: 2291

“Martha has been a God Send! I have been a customer of MK for about a year now. I have had one of the hardest year and half ever and this website has been my lifesaver. If it wasn’t for readers like Martha giving me love, guidance, and affirmation that things will be turning around I don’t know what I would do. She isn’t just about giving you what you want to hear but about how to work through what your issues are so you understand them and can move forward. I love Martha and consider her a friend across the pond!”


pin: 2305

“Honey was fab she was understanding and kind. She came straight to the point and picked up on how I was feeling near enough straight away. I was feeling really low and she picked up straight away that I was at a crossroads will def consult her again.”