pin: 2274

“Louise is truly gifted. I have had a few readings with Louise and she really has become my go to reader. She is truly wonderful, she is able to pick up the information straight away and is honest and tells you exactly what messages she is receiving and not just what you want to hear. Her predictions are spot on and she connected with me and my situation instantly. I truly enjoy my readings with her and she really has helped me in my recent difficult journey. She is absolutely 100% the real deal, and I would recommend Louise, she is phenomenal!”


pin: 2316

“WOW what a reading. Sally fully described my future career path and a new love interest with timelines. This reader is a lovely person and after the reading I felt uplifted and looking forward to the next few months. An excellent asset to the MK team.”


pin: 2315

“Eileen put my heart and my mind at ease. She was spot on with information regarding my POI and current feelings. Eileen put all the worry to rest and shared with me plans and events that I have to look forward to. I am so excited for what is to come for myself and my love. Eileen is a true blessing and like a best friend. Thank you Eileen for everything and I can’t wait to talk with you again.”

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pin: 2190

“I recently had a reading with Elizabeth. She is a true angel from the heavens above. She has an angels voice and a positivity that brings about peace and love. I have gone to her 2 times now and both times she has been spot on with my situation and my POI. She has given me home and I know her predictions will occur. She is so elegant and so loving. I could truly talk with her forever. She is so spot on with setting the stage for next steps and easing my mind in the process. She is the ultimate blessing to my life.”


pin: 2160

“She was really nice to talk to, really friendly indeed. I explained a recent work situation and she was great at getting to the heart of this and assessing the people involved. Very accurate indeed and gave me a lot to think about and gave me real confidence to move forward in a really positive way.”

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A new direction! An awakening! Finally, you are approaching a crossroads. Life has been tough for you and the past a long and challenging road. Over the past few months, you have had clues guiding you towards the direction in which you need to go. Once we have an awakening, there is no going back, […]

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pin: 2197

“Had a beautiful uplifting reading with Lydia, unfortunately cut off last few minutes. Just like to say thankyou for a fabulous reading. Until the next time God bless and take care. Love and Happiness.”


pin: 2269

“I instantly felt at ease with him, he communicates with such warmth and empathy. Within seconds he pin pointed a lot of things surrounding my current situation and the path I have envisioned within my professional career. I was blown away by the detail he gave, and I would most definitely recommend him. There’s no doubt I will connect with him again in the future.”


pin: 2200

“Sharie is a wonderful, warm, emphatic reader. I have been seeking Sharie’s wisdom for a fair while and without fail I feel understood by Sharie and always given profound insight into my situation in my readings and hope. A keep moving forwards kind of hope. Thank you Sharie for your wisdom on my journey, friendliness and always being a top psychic too.”


pin: 2295

“I’ve had a few readings with Gina and she is now my go to for a grounded, intelligent and perceptive reading. She picks up a lot of background details and links it well into the situation a whole. I feel I can ask specific questions though a lot of the time I don’t need to. She always seems to help me ground when i call in confusion about an issue and puts it into perspective in an uplifting and empowering way. Thanks Gina”.

Psychic reader Grace 2348


pin: 2348

“She connected well with my situation picking up details, and provided an uplifting reading which was very much needed at this time. Kind, good humoured and honest about what she was getting. I would definitely recommend a reading with her.”


pin: 2296

“Just had a reading with Alesso, I never normally leave any reviews but this guy is the real deal. Gets straight in with no questions asked. Very black and white, no fluffyness which is what I loved about him. Look forward to another reading in the new year!”


pin: 2142

“Julie is the REAL DEAL! Even as far as Australia, she can connect it so perfectly as if distance isn’t there! Julie has AGAIN predicted a contact accurately, she hit the bull’s eye 100% She said you will hear from him within two days, next 48 hours! As the clock was ticking, I tried hard not to think about it. Suddenly a message from him in the middle of the night! Oh my god! It’s not the first time Julie has predicted a contact correctly. She is so caring and patient, couldn’t be more grateful. May the rest of the reading manifest as she predicts. Thank you with all my heart!”


pin: 2172

“This is the second reading I have had with Anna and I will as and when it hits me, continue to have readings with her. I love the way she presents her thoughts and the honesty she exhibits. She isn’t afraid to say what comes to her and for that I am grateful. I called on the back of a bolt of the blue moment six weeks ago and I now have clarification and can put things into perspective and look forward to the future.”


pin: 2291

“Had my first reading with Martha, she blew me away what an amazing psychic, couldn’t thank her enough for the guidance. Been feeling very lost for ages, didn’t know which way to turn in my love life. She is so compassionate and warm hearted. Lovely reader, dived right into my energy without me saying anything. So very gifted and can’t wait for my next reading with her soon.”


pin: 2339

“I have spoken to seven a few times and wanted to express my deepest gratitude to him. He is such a gentle kind soul, full of spiritual wisdom and guidance. I have found him to empower me each time I speak to him. His way of relaying information is similar to how my spirit guides communicate with me and it was very comforting to have information confirmed that I had got from my guides too e.g. The reason for my move/relocation, what areas I was healing. and my future career path direction. I recommend seven to anyone who is looking for a detailed reading full of spiritual wisdom and support. My deepest gratitude to seven and Michele knight team.”


pin: 2274

“Wow, wow, wow what a wonderful, gifted, warm hearted lady. Louise is absolutely fantastic. My jaw kept dropping everytime Louise explained things only I know because it was my life. Anyone who has a reading with Louise will understand because of what she told me. I was really blown away, absolutely awesome, I really recommend.”


pin: 2287

“Sharon is simply awesome! Her accuracy and level detail in the information she gives, is spot on – I sometimes can’t quite believe how she does it. She accurately details my situation and pin points the answers. But above all that, she is the most warm-hearted supportive person I have spoken to. I have had many readings from various readers, but Sharon, hands down, nails it. She is limitless in her focus to help you which when things are tough around you, is a blessing. She has pulled me out of holes so deep I thought I would never get through. You feel like you get a massive spiritual hug. I am so deeply grateful for her kind support – without her, I would not have got through the tough times. I can’t recommend her enough! If you read this Sharon, thank you so much for helping me. My life has been one big roller coaster but you made the journey so much better.”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“I wanted to say that I had an amazing reading from Kelline last night. I have a number of things going on in my life at the moment so asked for a general reading. Kelline pinpointed to an under lining area in my life and gave an in depth reading that was honest, clear and down to earth. I am so grateful and blessed to have spoken to Kelline.”

Linda Anne - Psychic reader pin 2254

Linda Anne

pin: 2254

“She’s lovely! What a warm spirit, she made me giggle and she was absolutely spot on and tuned in to who I am and what I am about, I thoroughly recommend, she’s wonderful.”


pin: 2305

“Had a reading with Honey this afternoon. Given I was in a negative state of mind over my romantic life, certainly was expecting her to confirm my thoughts. How wrong I was! Honey was positive straight talking and vibrant she touched on the heart of the matter instantly and it shook me as wasn’t ready for what I heard. Yet now reflected on her words she was right, have to get over myself and go with the flow of life. Thank you for helping me back to empowering myself. Amazing reading with a beautiful soul.”

Linda Anne - Psychic reader pin 2254

Linda Anne

pin: 2254

“I had a most wonderful experience with Linda Ann this evening. I’ve been so discombobulated with so much change, so much in the air and to be honest, not seeing any clarity in what to do next. I decided on my first Sunday not at work in a really long time to seek guidance from one of the wonderful readers on Michele Knight’s site. Well, didn’t the havoc of mercury retrograde shadow decided to scupper that plan, and it was by chance I checked later on this evening and the site was back and waiting. I saw Linda Ann’s profile and I knew this was the person for guidance and wisdom I needed. And honestly, she was amazing. Insightful, intuitive, straight to the point, spoke to me with examples that resonated old conversations and just a warm, compassionate and wonderful human. I feel more focussed, aware that not everything needs to be revealed all at once. Thank you so very much. You were the perfect human and perfect soul to offer guidance and insight at this tricky time.”


pin: 2344

When Lena and I connected I asked a question the she asked a couple of questions for clarification then off she went talking. The more she talked the more she was connected to the source – and my energy. I could tell she was getting information from my angels – her angels – our guides – the energy felt out of this world while talking with her and because of the information she was getting and revealing she became emotional. I could tell this was a genuine connection – not someone guessing or asking questions or stating the logical next step.”


pin: 2258

“She is the real deal and I will definitely be back. Thank you so much for a lovely and accurate reading!”


pin: 2172

“Totally blown away by my reading with Anna H, now looking forward to the future. Thank you.”

Psychic Reader Lynda


pin: 2318

“Lynda gets straight to the subject and more so than anything predicts things you wouldn’t think possible. She has helped me tremendously these past few months and has always been spot on. Her kind and funny nature I’m sure you will adore and 100% recommend her!”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“Kelline is an amazing reader. I asked her to look at specific areas in my life and she was able to pinpoint in greater depth, providing a balanced, down to earth outlook. It felt as if I was talking to a very wise concerned friend, who was direct, honest and genuine. She answered all my questions and it was a real privilege to speak to her – she is up there with the best Michele Knight readers!”


pin: 2194

“I would put Delia as one of the two top readers I have ever experienced. Not praise I give lightly – have had more readings than I could count from psychics around the world, but no question Delia stands out from the rest. Without prompting got immediately to the issues that concerned me. Did not ask questions but answered mine with directness and clarity. I will definitely be calling her again.”


pin: 2218

“I have been lucky enough to have had readings with Sara periodically for the last four years and I feel tremendously grateful for her steadying, sincere guidance. She is a traditional medium who needs little or no information to tune in. She gives accurate validations for example the number of children I have, their exact ages, sex, and personalities. She will take care to answer my specific questions thoughtfully and patiently, but also will shock me with her ability to read those wider personalities and events that I have not mentioned but that impact on scenarios. Her predictions have been right so far, even when as in the case of my mothers house move all seemed lost, or an out of the blue career move was offered to me that she foresaw but at the time of the reading would not have been possible or in my consciousness. Sara has a personal style and gives of herself and her life experiece to explain the messages from her guides; this can sometimes be quirky or tangential but there is always a subtle underlying truth in her metaphors, and is part of the genuine person that she is and that I find so authentic. She is not judgemental, prescriptive or bullying and never resorts to generic psycho speak. This is not to say that she doesn’t call it like it is, but she has a way of presentation that helps with acceptance and understanding over time. She is a treasure.”


pin: 2161

“Omg just had reading with Hazel and she was absolutely amazing. I just gave the area I wanted her to look at and the information just flowed, validation after validation. No awakward silences just constant information and I didn’t say more than five words in the whole of the reading. She is truly gifted.”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“I have spoken to several psychics here and discovered the trick is finding the right one for you. When I talked to Kelline I instantly felt at home and enlightened at the same time, she put me at ease and seemed to know how I felt and could easily explain things I was confused about in a way I hadn’t previously considered. She had all the answers to my questions with such ease and grace, kindness and honesty. I predict she will be highly sought after on this site! I would recommend her to anyone.”

“Lovely woman who brings to her practice her experience and humor. It was lovely to be supported and reminded that I am not alone.”


pin: 2190

“Elizabeth is the Mother Theresa of all spirituality. I have rung to specifically speak to her several times with relationship woes and from crisis to casual questions Elizabeth has a beautiful, kind, professional and empathetic approach. Whatever the insight that she may bring, she delivers it in the most considerable way which makes readings so special. I have been on the floor with emotion, to having a 20 minute conversation with her which has transformed my day to a better one! When speaking with Elizabeth it feels like she energises your soul through healing. She is insightful and tunes in straight away to the crux of the situation that you present. Thank you Elizabeth for your gift and for sharing this with so many.”


pin: 2306

“I contacted Cate for the first time regarding a family issue. Straight away she tuned in and picked up the person/problem and used the same words I had used myself to describe the family member. Cate is an intelligent, straight forward and lovely lady. Her predictions were not positive on this occasion but pretty much what I’d expected of the situation. A very honest reading. I could have talked to Cate for hours, we really hit it off. An absolute pleasure.”


pin: 2190

“I had a reading with Elizabeth tonight. I just want to say thank you very much. She picked up exactly how I was feeling and for how long I had been feeling like that. She did make predictions for my love life and work but more importantly she helped me change my focus to enable me to see and believe the good things that are about to come my way. She did this with authenticity and is a truly beautiful soul. Once again, thank you so much Elizabeth, you have helped me change my life, starting with today.”


pin: 2293

“Just had an incredible reading with Jonathan. Connection was straight there and he tapped into my work situation and gave me names of various colleagues, as well as describing the workplace situation perfectly. He also described my ex popping up (which happened a few days ago) and knew he had moved abroad but had been in touch. He even got his surname! He described my current partner, got his starsign as well as picking up his current situation. Cannot recommend him highly enough for spot on WOW information and wouldn’t hesitate to get a reading from him again. Thanks Jonathan for your insight. Onwards and upwards!”


pin: 2274

“Indeed, you have Super Powers like X-men ;) Coco Contact prediction SPOT ON! We spoke last week and you told me he will contact me next week and it happened! Magical! Just from the first 60 seconds, Louise can just pick up the situation 200% which shocked me, no way she could know this information simply by the voice vibration! I really enjoyed our first reader as if we are connected even though I’m miles away in the down under! Thank you with all my heart for our last reading, definitely will be in touch when I’m on edge.”


pin: 2269

“I had a reading with David tonight. I initially asked him one question and he honed into that question straight away – within seconds. It was very accurate. Thank you David for being honest. Your integrity and sincerety was definately highlighted tonight and was very much appreciated.”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“I thought Kelline was great, she delivered the reading with confidence and in a kind but clear approach which I appreciated. Kelline picked up on two key areas of my life that I have been thinking about recently, and in addition to those, she intuited other aspects of my life that made sense to me. I also felt that she established a good sense of my energy and personality which impressed me. I would recommend her for sure.”


pin: 2191

“Had a reading with one of your readers, Belinda, a few weeks ago and have been meaning to write a review for her for the longest time. She completely blew my mind. All she took was my name and told me the reason why I was calling and it was so absolutely spot on! She truly has a gift! I really felt her tune into the situation and her predictions were so clear. She is also extremely compassionate and it felt like I was speaking to a close friend. Her energy is also very uplifting and it was a pleasure to speak with her! She is one of your best readers on the site and truly exceptionally gifted!”


pin: 2226

“I had a reading with Ruby a couple of years ago and she saw me living in an old house with a blue door. A year later I moved to a new area and was looking at flats. The one I eventually bought was in an old house with a blue door! Ruby is a lovely person to talk to – kind, calming and accurate. She has also brought through several members of my family in spirit, giving me great comfort during some difficult times.”


pin: 2170

“I’ve had quite a few readings with Sam over the years who is astonishingly talented and a really lovely person. Sam picks up incredible detail about what’s going on in a nuanced, highly intelligent way, particularly around relationships. She needs very little prompting. And she delivers her messages in a lovely, highly supportive way which are also very honest. Eg: Over the years, she has, at times, told me things that I didn’t really want to hear but they turned out to be spot on. And she delivered the message in such a kind and emotionally intelligent way that it didn’t feel abrasive but supportive. She has been very helpful in talking through relationship and friendship dynamics and I still remember her insights and advice a long time after, as they proved to be true and wise. Sam has a fab sense of humour, is very funny, gentle and full of integrity. She is also careful not to keep you on the phone too long. You really are in very good hands with Sam. She is the compete package.”

Psychic Reader Sue 2141


pin: 2141

“I just had a reading with Sue (pin 2141). She was a lovely lady and so uplifting and positive, just what I needed! She was spot on about my current situation and feelings and Sue gave me a prediction of a good outcome and celebration for an upcoming event I’m waiting to hear about. I really needed an uplifting, positive and empowering reading today as I’ve been feeling very stuck for a while now and Sue delivered exactly that! So much information from spirit in just a ten minute reading which was really valuable to me regarding my business, creativity and home. Thank you so much Sue, you have really put me back on track and I feel so much more focus, confidence and self belief from speaking with you today.”


pin: 2190

“WOW! Contact prediction SPOT ON! She said he will be in touch within the next 7 days, which at that moment I thought ‘gosh I’ve been waiting for almost 6 weeks… as if he is contacting me THAT soon’. It turns out Elisabeth was SPOT ON! UNREAL! Her voice is so peaceful which is very calming. Definitely will call back for more! Thank you with all my heart Elisabeth.”


pin: 2142

“Julie 2142 is just phenomenal, unreal! She said if not this weekend, he will contact you next weekend. Oh my gosh! Seriously at that time I was a bit skeptical, especially after waiting for almost six weeks, as if it’s dead yet she proved me wrong! Love ya Julie!”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“Kelline was astonishing. She read chronologically through my situation and gave such insight I was completely gobsmacked. I categorically know that what she was telling me was correct and she fitted everything together just like a jigsaw puzzle. I have not come across a reader like her in a very long time.”


pin: 2126

“Is a delightful reader who shares her messages via Spirit, the Cards & Astrology – She only needs your Birthday and the information flows freely. Towards the end of your reading, she will let you ask any questions and give you a nugget for a future time. Barbara does not disappoint – her style is warm and compassionate and you feel will as if a heavy burden has been lifted from you and your worries dissipated.”


pin: 2269

“I’ve just completed a reading with David and I felt I had to write and say just what an outstanding psychic, empath and all round human being he is. Spot on in details, wonderful uplifting style, reassuring and oh so kind. Quite astonishing in his talents. 20 well spent minutes. Thank you David.”


pin: 2125

“It’s been some time since leaving a comment. For some time across the last couple of years, I’ve spoken to Trinity. She is an incredibly insightful and aware reader, who does not allow you to project your views into a reading that concerns another. She offers a perspective that is not only holistic, but that of sincerity and points to where, as a person, you may be skewed in the perspective of the situation you are talking about. It has taken some time through a difficult process; that has eventually with her repeated messages (not that she remembers all the conversations) hit upon me as a realization when at the time it was not able to be seen, heard or trusted in. She is deeply spiritual although it is offered in a direct, compassionate clear view. It is up to the individual as to how they wish to perceive it. She was also correct in her insight about another person when it was on the outside looking like something else and was easily interpreted as being one way, which she insisted would be revealed in another to show me the truth. This indeed occurred and after sometime, during which she encouraged me to let go, do the deeper work and allow it to show itself when ready (given as a personality I can be future orientated, it kept me in today and grounded) when at times that was difficult. If you wish to explore your own boundaries that keep you from an expansive way of being, then Trinity is the guide, if you choose to listen to what is being conveyed. It’s an offer to ask deeper question of yourself whilst providing guidance on other matters.”


pin: 2273

“My reading with Emma was phenomenal! She touched on an important transit going on in my personal (astrology) birth chart right now, and gave so much clarity on a few other daunting questions asked. She gave so much insight in only few minutes of the call. Highly recommend Emma!”