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“I had to write to you to let you know about Lydia and her predictions. To say I am blown away is such an understatement. Every little detail of her prediction played out in one interview and even when you think no way is that going to happen it just did. I had a interview with a lady, she got the name right. She got the setting right and also something that was really like huh? She said she could hear the french accent. So there I was waiting to speak to someone French. But it was the music playing in the background and the hotel was french. Honestly I cannot tell you how this helped me so much and has given me confidence. Every single detail has come true even when I thought, I don’t think so.”


pin: 2337

“I had a reading with Violet who was amazing. She was honest, realistic, but very reassuring, a lovely lady. She gave me so much detail immediately, and described exactly a house I would move to which was down to the last detail a house I had seen that very morning.”


pin: 2296

“Alesso is to be treasured. I have had two readings with him so far and must pass on my gratitude. He is incredibly blunt but warm. He just gets on with it from the moment he picks up the call and exudes such confidence in what he is seeing. I have found his personal philosophy on why some things happen absolutely fascinating. I have rejected his insight on one occasion but he insisted on what he was picking up and in the end turned out to be correct on all fronts! I am pleased to have found a sincere clairvoyant who has a fearless self-assurance.”

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pin: 2269

“Just want to say thank you to David for a wonderful reading tonight . Faith restored Bless you.”


pin: 2269

“David is one of the best ‘no-tools’ psychics that I have spoken to over the past 2 years. I have been testing different online sites, worldwide, and can honestly say that David is very professional, reassuring, and straightforward when answering questions. I use psychics partly as teachers and to help me understand myself better, but also as business and relationships consultants. He backs up his statements with good examples which makes the experience more valuable and believable. I would definitely recommend David.”

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Hope The Universe is sending you a big dose of healing. It’s time to trust in your creative spirit. Inspiration, hope, and other inventive peeps are coming your way. You can find meaning from the past but also able to let it go and follow your souls calling. The Star tells you that is a […]

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pin: 2190

“Just had a session with Elizabeth and she has left me feeling so much better and optimistic about things. Thank you Elizabeth and will definitely come back to you in the furture.”


pin: 2277

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to Connie for such a lovely and gentle approach. She was simply spot on when talking about my current influences and I could relate to all that she mentioned in the reding. Wonderful person, Thank you Connie.”


pin: 2190

“Elizabeth was so wonderful, I felt so much love and compassion from her. She was truly lovely. I definately will call again!”


pin: 2318

“I just wanted to leave a review for Lynda. Her reading resonated completely with me apart from the first thing she came out with which was that she was being led to say I need to go to the dentist – she could sense a shooting pain on my right side. At the time of the call which was 11:40 I didn’t have any issues except needed to book a check-up, however, a couple of hours later I cracked a tooth on the right side! Not something I would’ve like to happen but it’s testament to how linked in Lynda was to my energy. Looking forward to the more enjoyable parts of my reading materialising. Thank you Lynda for a great reading. It really helped remind me what I want to do in this new chapter of my life. Time to make that dentist appointment now.”

Lucy U

pin: 2330

“Gina and Lucy U. I have connected with both readers on numerous occasions. These are two readers with exceptional gifts and offer a lot more than just a prediction. I feel they have supported me on my life path, at times through very dark valleys. A time that I needed a loving, gentle yet strong energy to hold me and they never failed to deliver. They have given deep inner guidance which was always delivered with such love, passion, strength & light. These two angels helped me keep the faith when I felt the light had gone out they always managed to switch it back on and give me hope again!! I can highly recommend either of them, they deliver in their own unique way, yet together they always seemed to knit the ends together which helped me navigate along a very difficult path to knowing my deeper self. I felt held in a safe space to be able to work through things to grow & evolve. I truly thank them both with all my heart and can honestly say if you are needing support, love & guidance in your life you have found the right two people.”