Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“I thought Kelline was great, she delivered the reading with confidence and in a kind but clear approach which I appreciated. Kelline picked up on two key areas of my life that I have been thinking about recently, and in addition to those, she intuited other aspects of my life that made sense to me. I also felt that she established a good sense of my energy and personality which impressed me. I would recommend her for sure.”


pin: 2191

“Had a reading with one of your readers, Belinda, a few weeks ago and have been meaning to write a review for her for the longest time. She completely blew my mind. All she took was my name and told me the reason why I was calling and it was so absolutely spot on! She truly has a gift! I really felt her tune into the situation and her predictions were so clear. She is also extremely compassionate and it felt like I was speaking to a close friend. Her energy is also very uplifting and it was a pleasure to speak with her! She is one of your best readers on the site and truly exceptionally gifted!”


pin: 2226

“I had a reading with Ruby a couple of years ago and she saw me living in an old house with a blue door. A year later I moved to a new area and was looking at flats. The one I eventually bought was in an old house with a blue door! Ruby is a lovely person to talk to – kind, calming and accurate. She has also brought through several members of my family in spirit, giving me great comfort during some difficult times.”

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pin: 2170

“I’ve had quite a few readings with Sam over the years who is astonishingly talented and a really lovely person. Sam picks up incredible detail about what’s going on in a nuanced, highly intelligent way, particularly around relationships. She needs very little prompting. And she delivers her messages in a lovely, highly supportive way which are also very honest. Eg: Over the years, she has, at times, told me things that I didn’t really want to hear but they turned out to be spot on. And she delivered the message in such a kind and emotionally intelligent way that it didn’t feel abrasive but supportive. She has been very helpful in talking through relationship and friendship dynamics and I still remember her insights and advice a long time after, as they proved to be true and wise. Sam has a fab sense of humour, is very funny, gentle and full of integrity. She is also careful not to keep you on the phone too long. You really are in very good hands with Sam. She is the compete package.”

Psychic Reader Sue 2141


pin: 2141

“I just had a reading with Sue (pin 2141). She was a lovely lady and so uplifting and positive, just what I needed! She was spot on about my current situation and feelings and Sue gave me a prediction of a good outcome and celebration for an upcoming event I’m waiting to hear about. I really needed an uplifting, positive and empowering reading today as I’ve been feeling very stuck for a while now and Sue delivered exactly that! So much information from spirit in just a ten minute reading which was really valuable to me regarding my business, creativity and home. Thank you so much Sue, you have really put me back on track and I feel so much more focus, confidence and self belief from speaking with you today.”

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pin: 2190

“WOW! Contact prediction SPOT ON! She said he will be in touch within the next 7 days, which at that moment I thought ‘gosh I’ve been waiting for almost 6 weeks… as if he is contacting me THAT soon’. It turns out Elisabeth was SPOT ON! UNREAL! Her voice is so peaceful which is very calming. Definitely will call back for more! Thank you with all my heart Elisabeth.”


pin: 2142

“Julie 2142 is just phenomenal, unreal! She said if not this weekend, he will contact you next weekend. Oh my gosh! Seriously at that time I was a bit skeptical, especially after waiting for almost six weeks, as if it’s dead yet she proved me wrong! Love ya Julie!”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“Kelline was astonishing. She read chronologically through my situation and gave such insight I was completely gobsmacked. I categorically know that what she was telling me was correct and she fitted everything together just like a jigsaw puzzle. I have not come across a reader like her in a very long time.”


pin: 2126

“Is a delightful reader who shares her messages via Spirit, the Cards & Astrology – She only needs your Birthday and the information flows freely. Towards the end of your reading, she will let you ask any questions and give you a nugget for a future time. Barbara does not disappoint – her style is warm and compassionate and you feel will as if a heavy burden has been lifted from you and your worries dissipated.”


pin: 2269

“I’ve just completed a reading with David and I felt I had to write and say just what an outstanding psychic, empath and all round human being he is. Spot on in details, wonderful uplifting style, reassuring and oh so kind. Quite astonishing in his talents. 20 well spent minutes. Thank you David.”