pin: 2258

“She is the real deal and I will definitely be back. Thank you so much for a lovely and accurate reading!”


pin: 2172

“Totally blown away by my reading with Anna H, now looking forward to the future. Thank you.”

“Lynda gets straight to the subject and more so than anything predicts things you wouldn’t think possible. She has helped me tremendously these past few months and has always been spot on. Her kind and funny nature I’m sure you will adore and 100% recommend her!”

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Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“Kelline is an amazing reader. I asked her to look at specific areas in my life and she was able to pinpoint in greater depth, providing a balanced, down to earth outlook. It felt as if I was talking to a very wise concerned friend, who was direct, honest and genuine. She answered all my questions and it was a real privilege to speak to her – she is up there with the best Michele Knight readers!”


pin: 2194

“I would put Delia as one of the two top readers I have ever experienced. Not praise I give lightly – have had more readings than I could count from psychics around the world, but no question Delia stands out from the rest. Without prompting got immediately to the issues that concerned me. Did not ask questions but answered mine with directness and clarity. I will definitely be calling her again.”

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The Sun

Happiness The Sun brings you a gift of long-awaited happiness. You’re heading into a time of play and joy. Insecurity is soon to be a thing of the past. When was the last time you let your hair down and had fun? The Full Moon should have provided the clues to where your happiness is. […]

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pin: 2218

“I have been lucky enough to have had readings with Sara periodically for the last four years and I feel tremendously grateful for her steadying, sincere guidance. She is a traditional medium who needs little or no information to tune in. She gives accurate validations for example the number of children I have, their exact ages, sex, and personalities. She will take care to answer my specific questions thoughtfully and patiently, but also will shock me with her ability to read those wider personalities and events that I have not mentioned but that impact on scenarios. Her predictions have been right so far, even when as in the case of my mothers house move all seemed lost, or an out of the blue career move was offered to me that she foresaw but at the time of the reading would not have been possible or in my consciousness. Sara has a personal style and gives of herself and her life experiece to explain the messages from her guides; this can sometimes be quirky or tangential but there is always a subtle underlying truth in her metaphors, and is part of the genuine person that she is and that I find so authentic. She is not judgemental, prescriptive or bullying and never resorts to generic psycho speak. This is not to say that she doesn’t call it like it is, but she has a way of presentation that helps with acceptance and understanding over time. She is a treasure.”


pin: 2161

“Omg just had reading with Hazel and she was absolutely amazing. I just gave the area I wanted her to look at and the information just flowed, validation after validation. No awakward silences just constant information and I didn’t say more than five words in the whole of the reading. She is truly gifted.”

Psychic reader Kelline 2346


pin: 2346

“I have spoken to several psychics here and discovered the trick is finding the right one for you. When I talked to Kelline I instantly felt at home and enlightened at the same time, she put me at ease and seemed to know how I felt and could easily explain things I was confused about in a way I hadn’t previously considered. She had all the answers to my questions with such ease and grace, kindness and honesty. I predict she will be highly sought after on this site! I would recommend her to anyone.”


pin: 2284

“Lovely woman who brings to her practice her experience and humor. It was lovely to be supported and reminded that I am not alone.”


pin: 2190

“Elizabeth is the Mother Theresa of all spirituality. I have rung to specifically speak to her several times with relationship woes and from crisis to casual questions Elizabeth has a beautiful, kind, professional and empathetic approach. Whatever the insight that she may bring, she delivers it in the most considerable way which makes readings so special. I have been on the floor with emotion, to having a 20 minute conversation with her which has transformed my day to a better one! When speaking with Elizabeth it feels like she energises your soul through healing. She is insightful and tunes in straight away to the crux of the situation that you present. Thank you Elizabeth for your gift and for sharing this with so many.”