“Without any prompting whatsoever Nicola described my situation to a tee! I’m flabbergasted at the amount of detail she was able to provide with absolutely no input from myself. Nicola is a straight to the point reader who won’t tell you what you want to hear but definitely tells you what you need to know. If anyone wants a reader with the WOW factor then Nicola is the lady for you. Thank you for a fantastic reading.”

“Just had a reading with Nicola C, what an amazing lady! She got straight to the heart of a long term relationship with a family member, and confirmed everything I had been thinking and experiencing. Excited to see if what she predicted comes true and looking forward to a better few months.”

“I first communicated with Nicola in May, looking for guidance surrounding a relationship and also work. Without offering any information Nicola delved straight to the heart of the situation of the relationship, providing information that left me in no doubt she had linked in to the man concerned. Nicola went on to describe his situation and provided clarity regarding the reason our circumstances were as they were. Importantly, Nicola advised me how to deal with the situation in an empowering fashion and I am beginning to see the situation coming to fruition just as she said it would. Nicola was also spot on with my situation at work and matters have progressed exactly as she told me. Every reading has made me stronger in mind and spirit and I am very grateful.”

“Having had several readings with her over the past few years, I know how fantastic she is, and I love her no nonsense approach. She is one of the most talented readers I have ever known. She linked in immediately to my energy and another persons, and gave me details about recent history. It had been a year since my previous reading with her, and a lot had changed, but she gave me clarity of recent events, future events and the pathway needed in order to get there. No guessing or speculating, just straight in with the facts. I’m excited to see what the next few months bring, and feel happier knowing that the final outcome is there, in the near future.”


pin: 2160

“I’d love leave few words for all the wonderful readers I’ve talked to over the year and half  here..
Beautiful Carol, Sharie, Hazel, Elona, Nicola_C, Jan-Lee, Lydia, Lynn, Maria, Saffy, Sam, Virginia..
and not forgetting amazing and always helpful lovely Julie at the reception desk !
I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart… you were all guiding stars in my darkest hours, assisting in finding my way back into the light.
I feel grateful to you all, as your warmth, sincerity & guidance in many ways I’ve always felt very deeply. What a wonderful team you have here Michele.”

“She is awesome! So lovely to talk to. A great girl with a true gift. Just amazing.”

“Had a phone conversation with Nicola C, which left me feeling uplifted. Called when I thought I was in the bottom of the pit, she was able to link to this straight away and give me some light. She didn’t do this by giving false hopes; in fact she was straight to the point and told me in a roundabout way, that I had made mistakes and I could sort it, and what I wanted was there but I had to change my approach.  Honest, straight forward, easy to understand and extremely helpful and all this without me telling her anything to do with the situation, she told me. Thank you”

“Reading with Nicola C was amazing. Asked about love she tuned in immediately to the situation I’m in. Made my choices clear and gave me such hope and clarity. Reassured me about the man I have feelings for and the current situation. Phoned feeling down, came away uplifted and confident. She was honest and feel like I can trust what she said as she tuned in so well. Lovely woman, brilliant reading – no prompting. Have spoken to other psychics in other organisations but this was so different.”