“Anna makes sure she has a direct link before translating what she see’s in spirit. She is like a very knowledgeable travel guide that is also deeply empathic and healing. She calm as she gathers the question, after a brief pause she came back with a connection to my mother who I had not communicated with in 9 yrs. After nearly a decade of missing Mom, Anna guided me into a conversation with details from my mother that no one else could have known. For a moment it felt like sitting at the kitchen table having a great chat with my Mom. She was spot on with Moms traits, sayings and personality to the point there was no denying Anna connected Mother & Daughter for a lovely tea and chat! Thank you Anna”

“I spoke with Anna today who is an exceptional reader. Anna tuned into ideas and conversations I had with people. Anna is clear, logical, empathetic and has clear site/vision on the truth of the matter. A very realistic approach. I felt inspired and refreshed after the reading knowing which path I wanted to choose, as-well as me knowing where I had been to quick to judge others, I liked her approach Anna delivering her message without clarity . I could not thank Anna enough and will be looking to select Anna again in the future.”

“I felt she got straight into my area of concern, quickly picking up on my relationship issues and really helped define the core reason behind the whole breakup.”

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“I was pleased with my reading with Anna H. She has given me hope that we will move next year. She also said that my mother spoke of a ‘unicorn’. It was only this week that we said that the smell of a horse in the house and garden might be a unicorn. It must be a horse in spirit that visits as we are no where near any horses and we smell it occasionally in the two rooms of the house too! I hope that her prediction of us moving back to UK early next year comes to fruition. Thanks to Anna H, I feel less anxious about the future.”

“This is the second reading I have had with Anna and I will as and when it hits me, continue to have readings with her. I love the way she presents her thoughts and the honesty she exhibits. She isn’t afraid to say what comes to her and for that I am grateful. I called on the back of a bolt of the blue moment six weeks ago and I now have clarification and can put things into perspective and look forward to the future.”

“Totally blown away by my reading with Anna H, now looking forward to the future. Thank you.”

“Your website has some wonderfully gifted psychics. Anna has been an exceptional one and someone I have been going back to. She is clearly an empath. She is very kind yet straightforward and honest. And very mindful of your time. What I really like about her is that she answers all your questions clearly. There are many things to learn from her readings in terms of the perspectives she shares about predictions in general as well. They are indeed quite deep and enriching. As a psychic, she blows your mind. A psychic in the true sense. Definitely gifted. And shares that gift very honestly. Everything she has predicted for me has come true. I am greatly looking forward to the future, thanks to her.
Over all I would rate her as one of the best psychics I have had the chance to interact with.”

“I have had a fantastic reading with Anna 2172. At the beginning, I gave hardly any information and Anna picked up on the situation straight away. I’m looking forward to the predictions coming true, and I will definitely be having another reading with Anna again.”

“I had a reading with Anna and was very impressed that she got me to a tee. She doesn’t beat around the bush. She put into words what I had been thinking anyway and confirmed my hunches.”

“My 30 minute reading with Anna H was impressive! She dove right into the heart of my questions immediately without any prompting. I’ve written and will be recording a song and she could hear the sound of my singing voice in her head, described it perfectly, as well as the mood of the lyrics, and tone/style of the song without any feedback from me – that was truly amazing. She brought me peace confirming I was on the right path and how the world was about to open up for me in magnificent ways, financially and creatively. Anna also picked up that my father had passed away and shared his spirit is the guiding force in all that is awakening in my life right now – that was comforting. She also brought me much clarity on a relationship issue describing exactly what has transpired within the last few weeks and previous months and gave me detailed predictions which I await with anticipation… Anna’s warm personality and genuine kindness left me feeling calm, excited about the future and inspired to continue on my creative journey.”

“Can you pass on my warmest gratitude to: Anna H, Genevieve, Charlotte T, Tina, Sharie and Hetty. They predicted a win with my cricket team and oh how they competed and won the tournament…I’m on cloud 9. They indicated a victorious day and thier predictions were all correct.”

“I had a wonderful reading with a one of your readers Anna, straight away she picked up on exactly how I was feeling and could tell me a lot about what was happening in my life at the moment and in the near future which was awesome! I felt on top of the world when I finished our phone call and have felt more positive about the future ahead. I have had many readings over the years but I must say this was well worth the money and I will most definitely use your service again. I would also like to say that I have read your biography “Touched By Evil” which really moved me. I rarely become emotional when reading books but I must say you really touched me. Admire your strength, courage and determination to change your life. You really are an inspiration.”

“Just wanted to leave some feedback for the brilliant Anna H. I have had two readings with her in the space of about 3 months and each time she has connected immediately with me and been consistent. In the first reading she picked up on something very specific that was happening in my life within the first five minutes. Shen then picked up on a relationship issue I was having, the reason for my call. She then went on to predict a move that I was about to make in the next few weeks. In my second reading she was consistent with her predictions in the first reading as well as giving me guidance on how to move forward in a situation that was troubling me. She is kind and gentle in her voice and reads fast without any superflous chit chat. Thank you Anna H.”

“A few days ago I had a reading with Anna_H. She was fantastic. She knew more about my situation than I did. Anna really showed me the way forward with my dilema. I am now much more relaxed about it all.”

“Anna-H (2172) did a reading for me yesterday. She got to the root of the problem very quickly; she came up with very powerful insights and helped effect some good changes with visualisation techniques.
And… it all worked wonderfully well.
After the reading, I felt re-connected with my creativity and power and picked up my flute again to play for the first time in 12 months.
Have been having many sleep problems recently and I had a good night’s sleep for the first time for ages and woke up feeling energised and optimistic again.
Anna is really brilliant.”

“Anna H was really something special. She has a very soft and direct approach.
She focused in on what I really wanted to know and did not talk about things that were not relevant to my queries. She was calm and clear. I find her attitude very reassuring and trust in the positive outcome she sees for me. I will definitely call her again as found her approach very honest,calm and insightful.”

“Just had a reading with Anna H (2172) and what a lovely lady she is. Anna picked up on my difficult situation with a man who keeps coming and going from my life-she described his personality, our situation and what she sees happening in the future. As this is always on my mind she reassured me that im doing ok and that all will be resolved in my favour in the end. Anna H lifted my spirits, I feel calm and happy. Thank you Anna, I will call again.”

“What an absolutely fantastic experience. She was so detailed and very specific about changes to my life. Anna is just lovely, has an amazing talent and is a real credit to Michele’s team.”

“Wow she was really really good. Picked up on my mother who has passed over and actually gave me her description and her name . Gave me lots of information with regard to things that are going on at the moment. I was very happy with the reading and will be asking Anna H for a reading again.”

“Anna H is really, really brilliant. Very natural and easy-going. She said I would get a phone call and 24 hours later – I DID. Her approach is AMAZING.”