“Lee tuned in very quickly to what was happening in a work situation and home move for me, instantly picking up on what was happening around me as well a new direction I was considering that I have yet shared with anyone! The reading was accurate and inspiring as it resonated with some big life changes. Thank you so much Lee, I feel ready to chase those dreams.”

“I had my reading with Lee about a delicate matter which made me feel very confused and vulnerable. He was very genuine, warm, non-judgmental, patient and taking the time to explain why things happened the way it happened which helped me gain a better perspective. Lee was able to pick up exactly how I was feeling without me going into details. His wise guidance was realistic yet he could effortlessly deliver them in a very healing and gentle manner. Speaking to him was so uplifting. The information from him just flowed and I sincerely appreciate the fact that he encouraged me to stay with the present, trust in the unknown, allow the situation to unfold and trust the universe to support me. He is a gem of a reader.”

“Lovely Lee is just so lovely and genuine. A reading with Lee is uplifting and positive. Telling it like it is with no filter but given with much warmth. He has helped me move forward with my life and his predictions have come true even when I doubted him. He leaves you feeling better than you did before you phoned and I would truly recommend him to anyone seeking guidance with a situation. Or someone feeling lost. He is a true star.”

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“I just wanted to leave feedback for the amazing Lee (2189). What a fantastic, kind, gentle soul, and very importantly, a superb reader. From the very first second, he was in tune with me and the questions I needed guidance with. He hit the nail on the head with every one, seeing the past, present and future very clearly. There wasn’t anything he said that either hadn’t happened or didn’t ring true for the future. I feel like I’ve had a spiritual blessing! And feel very positive moving forwards.”

“I was left speechless by my reading with Lee today! No questions asked, he honed in straight away to the heart of the matter, told me that my situation required patience, that it was fated, and that I should not give up on it, exactly what my own intuition was telling me despite all the signs to the contrary! He helped me regain faith in the situation and in my own intuition. He has insight and depth and can connect to the bigger picture around the situation. He has a lot of warmth and gentleness. He also picked up on a project that I am working on and on the importance of what I was doing in relation to my vocation and purpose in life. Which was absolutely spot on! Thank you Lee! I will be talking to you again!”

“His soothing voice and gentle manner is sure to put anyone immediately at ease. Without any prompting he got straight to the reason why I had phoned, it was delivered clearly and in great detail, I was utterly blown away. Lee is a truly gifted psychic and a really nice person to speak to. I shall most definitely phone him again.”

“I have only had a couple of readings with Lee, but on the first reading he totally reassured me that communication between me and the man I loved would happen and strengthen, which they did.  The second reading I was in a very dark place and his kindness, gentle nature and reassurance strengthened me and gave me clarity and took away my fears and pain. Not only a talented reader but one of the most gentle souls I have ever spoken with, his warmth and love for people is remarkable.”

“Just had a reading with Lee, such a powerful warm energy coming from him which was so comforting. He never stopped talking and everything he said made total sense to me. Thank-you so much.”

“I have had a few readings with Lee over the last few months and everything he predicted has come true.  He told me about problems at work and they would resolve themselves, they have. He told me there would be major changes at work and I would have nothing to worry about, he was right and I have got a better job. He told me I would get another offer of a job and that he could see me travelling much more in the future. I have been offered another job which will involve extensive travel.  The information flow.  He is truly a gifted reader, he is very busy but do keep trying as his readings are well worth the wait.”

“Had an excellent reading with Lee today. He has an amazing ability to tune in. I have had a couple of readings and the information flows. Information that you can relate to as well as predictions.”

“I would like to leave feedback regarding a wonderful reading I’ve had with Lee today. He linked in immediately with the person who I was wanting to know about. He was so detailed regarding this person’s character and how he was feeling which confirmed what I felt. I didn’t need to say much as the information just flowed from him. Lee left me feeling uplifted and confident about my own feelings. I would definitely have another reading with him. Thanks Lee. Joan.”

“I had a reading with Lee today. What can say. The information just flows, it’s as if he’s in your mind. He has such a calming voice and puts you at ease, and talks with great empathy to your situation. Thank you Lee for your guidance and honesty.”

“I spoke to Lee today, the information was non stop, it was hard to keep up. Lee understood me and my ex to an absolute tee, he confirmed things that had happened and predicted things that will. He gave me dates to look out for and was so friendly when speaking to him. Make sure you have a pen and paper ready to capture the information, he really is really fast with his delivery and I think he is great!”

“I have just had the most amazing reading from Lee. He completely summed up not only the man I was calling about and the current situation with him but also it was as if he could read my mind and tapped into my own intuition.”

“Would like to leave some feedback for Lee who just blew me away. He doesn’t waste time by stalling or asking questions and the info just flows naturally. Lee is such a pleasure to talk to and says it like it is, he doesn’t just tell tell you what you want to hear which is how it should be. I put the phone down feeling really uplifted and positive about the future.”

“OMG just had the most fantastic reading with your new reader Lee, what a joy it was to speak to him. The information just flowed. He picked up on my mum in spirit and told me things he could not possibly have known. wow, I was totally blown away by this reading. Thank you so much Lee for such a positive uplifting reading. I feel like dancing around the house and am filled with so much more positivity now. Another great addition to your wonderful team of psychics. I am sure Lee will have a very successful time with you and give hope and inspiration to many more people.”

“Wow, just had a reading with Lee he is incredible, the only information I gave, was to tell him the area I would like him to look at! He tuned straight in and gave continual information. I’m stunned!! Highly recommended!  Will definitely speak to him again, that’s if I can get through to him in future, once people realise how good he is.”