“Wow I had a reading with this lovely lady this morning and both connected on alot of issues. Oh my giddy aunt lydia is very professional lovely voice and a good listener and gave me lots of advice and clarification on alot of personal issues which I know I can relate to and move forward. It’s down to me now, determination and move forward with strength to create a new path in life for me. Lydia is and always will be my reader. Absolutely 100 percent.”

“Lydia has become my favorite reader. She is very honest, sweet and her gifts are endless. Her guidance has been enlightening and what she picks up on is quite amazing. She has helped me through all the tears and fears but it’s the laughter that we have shared that has helped me the most. I couldn’t have gone through everything that I have if Lydia wouldn’t have been by my side helping me to talk things out. I’m grateful for her spiritual help and for her friendship.”


“Had a beautiful uplifting reading with Lydia, unfortunately cut off last few minutes. Just like to say thankyou for a fabulous reading. Until the next time God bless and take care. Love and Happiness.”

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“I had to write to you to let you know about Lydia and her predictions. To say I am blown away is such an understatement. Every little detail of her prediction played out in one interview and even when you think no way is that going to happen it just did. I had a interview with a lady, she got the name right. She got the setting right and also something that was really like huh? She said she could hear the french accent. So there I was waiting to speak to someone French. But it was the music playing in the background and the hotel was french. Honestly I cannot tell you how this helped me so much and has given me confidence. Every single detail has come true even when I thought, I don’t think so.”

I would like to give my thanks to Lydia. She is a star. In 2 years she has consistently picked up the feelings and background events of the man I care about. She’s even picked up key dates. With my son she has picked up what’s really going on with him inside which has enabled me to understand him more deeply and be there for him in the right way. Lydia is no time waster. Gets to the heart of the matter. She has a special gift and a very down to earth and kind woman. Thanks for your clear insights. Priceless.xx

“I had a reading with Lydia and it was stunning! As soon as we connected, the information was flowing freely at an incredible rate! I was in awe, she has an amazing gift. Descriptions, predictions, the situation in question, she knew all! Even the star signs involved. The reading left me feeling very positive and shocked. I could talk to her for hours, she’s lovely! She’s fantastic and I will be in touch with her again soon to let her know how it all turns out. Thank you so much!”

“Lydia was fantastic, I have to say. Fast information flow, offering a lot of detailed, specific information about the person and situation I was calling about in a short amount of time. Value for money most definitely. Descriptions were absolutely spot on without prompting or questions being asked. Fantastic access to thought processes and hidden situation of the involved person. Super spirit guide – lots of inside information. Gave extremely realistic and foreseeable predictions and super clear facts relating to the person in question.”

“Hi, I live in Dubai and have had email readings with Lydia a few times. She is so honest and her guidance comes from a very strong and incredible connection with spirit , you just feel it and the details she gives in a reading are the real proof as you realize immediately and with time. She has helped me so much with her guidance by helping me see and make choices at major turning points of my life and I’m forever grateful! She is direct and says it as it is, which is another thing I love about her. She takes the time to look into your questions and really works from her heart!”

“My first psychic experience was an E-mail reading with Lydia. I was just way too nervous to call! It was such a good reading. She was so right about many things and gave me things to look out for. Every one of them happened. She is very detailed. I read that email every day for months until I got the courage to call Lydia for a telephone reading. I was not disappointed! She made me feel comfortable from the start and helped me understand more of what is happening in my life at this time. She gave me more things to look out for and helped explain many of my feelings and thoughts. She is very specific. So much so that it shocked me on many levels. I could actually feel the truth she was speaking. It was so amazing! I’ve had such an incredible experience with Lydia that I won’t use anyone else. She is the real deal. I’m so grateful for her gifts and that she shared them with me. I’ll be back! I can’t wait to talk to Lydia again! Thank you!”

“So happy with the reading Lydia did for me. The insight I got from it was unreal. I’m so grateful and look forward to the future.”

“I wanted to take the time to tell you how fantastic my readings with Lydia have been. I have been going through a difficult time over the last four months in several areas of my life. I first spoke to Lydia about a month ago, her reading was so accurate about my situation (and the people involved ) that I have spoken to her several times since. To say that Lydia has given me clarity about the future is an understatement. More importantly she has given me hope that my situation will change – I should point out that this is already coming to fruition in the way Lydia said it would. My readings with Lydia have been a huge comfort to me and I have enjoyed listening back to the recordings at times when I have needed reassurance. Finally, I wanted to also mention that in my last reading with Lydia, someone I hold very dear, who sadly passed away several years ago, came through in the reading. The detail to which Lydia described him left me in no doubt it was him. The messages that were passed through Lydia to me gave me great comfort and also backed up several things Lydia had mentioned in a passed reading. I finally have inner peace at long last and hold Lydia completely responsible for the positive transformation I am finally experiencing.”

“Wow. Direct, doesn’t waste time and lots of information.  She quickly picked up that there was a special man in my life, described his personality, fears and profession.  She added that he would tell me about an important family decision in July. Yes, it came to pass. She also said that there was a female friend who will show jealousy towards me around same time. I was skeptical, however that one came true as well, much to my surprise. Also said I would be moving to a new home and described my new home perfectly. She has a lovely manner, gentle and a good sense of humour.”

“It has not been long since I discovered Michele Knight Psychics and I grew to love the site. I spoke to many readers, Jennifer, Tanya and Greg on the web chat, Lydia through two email readings and I also spoke to Gemma and Elizabeth on the phone. I have to say, Gemma I called three times in a few days to clarify something very intense I went through. She was always very soothing, specific, she remembered information from previous conversation and her non-judgemental and caring approach was like a giant hug. I could tell it was very important for her to tell me correct information and she pointed out several specific details I never indicated. I was impressed, she is just a very nice sweet person and she does what she does really well. I am very grateful for her patience and encouragement, she is a gem! Lydia also delivered very good message on email, I still go back to read it again for encouragement. She actually made me teary as I felt truly understood. I also spoke to Elizabeth, what a darling she is. Is she not like an angel? She has very peaceful and polite manners, she gives you time to speak and then brings an insight into the situation which made complete sense to me. She actually also confirmed several things that Gemma previously predicted. I am forever grateful for their support because I have been trapped in very intense situation for several months and there are very few things that ease the pressure and allow me to breathe a bit again. The empowerment I received was amazing. Let me also mention Greg because he also brought light and guidance when I was lonely and distressed. Talking to him is like chatting to an old friend that I can trust and confide in. Thank you all for being there for us who struggle and need some help to get out of a difficult situation. Let a double portion of the love and care you give away come back to you.”

“Lydia, you are amazing and never disappoint. If I had the money I would speak to you all day. Thank you as always.”

“I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for all that you’ve done re facilitating my connection with Lydia. She has been absolutely amazing and I shall definitely be recommending her highly to all and sundry. She has given me a lot to think about and take action on. Also confidence and direction regarding some of the choices I’ve needed to make at this juncture in my path. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”


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“I’d love leave few words for all the wonderful readers I’ve talked to over the year and half  here..
Beautiful Carol, Sharie, Hazel, Elona, Nicola_C, Jan-Lee, Lydia, Lynn, Maria, Saffy, Sam, Virginia..
and not forgetting amazing and always helpful lovely Julie at the reception desk !
I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart… you were all guiding stars in my darkest hours, assisting in finding my way back into the light.
I feel grateful to you all, as your warmth, sincerity & guidance in many ways I’ve always felt very deeply. What a wonderful team you have here Michele.”

“Just had a beautiful reading with Lydia. Lydia immediately picked up I had been offered a new job and was unsure whether to take it, as awaiting news on another job I have also applied for.  Was encouraged that spirit said the first offer was the one to take, which was great to hear as gut feeling was same.
I’ve recently completed a hypnotherapy course and have been thinking of taking healing to next level.  Lydia even spoke of my hidden dream, writing. Not long been on a short MA introduction writing course so delighted to hear writing mentioned, fantastic.
Initials of family-children, even my dear Godfather, who was one year to the week passed over to spirit.  Lydia really lifted my spirits and has greatly encouraged me that I am on the right path in life.  Thank you so much to a special, warm, honest person; your guidance was heartily appreciated “

“Lydia is amazing! i have just had a reading with her just now..she got the name of the man i have been seeing for nearly 2 years and she went into great detail about why he has recently disappeared out of my life and a lot of it i already knew or suspected ..Lydia confirmed this for me..  her reading has absolutely given me my peace of mind back!”

“Lydia picks up names describes people and situations to a T gives the most amazing predictions that always come true! Lydia predicted to me that she was getting the number 4 and that I’d have a text which was connected to 4 later that day the text came through from the person she said at 4pm. Wow! She had a vision of the pub I go in and said she was stood in it that there was a lot of dark red! Wow the walls are dark red! She said there was a big man in there with a big beard who drinks out his own glass. This was also true! She also said I sit on a seat and above my head there’s a clock that’s stopped! True! And that the Xmas tree goes next to the door. True again, she is absolutely amazing.”