“I had a lovely reading from Sandra. She has beautiful energy. What a lovely find she was. What can I say- it was like she was sitting on my shoulder for the last year. She knew everything that was important to me right now. Sandra is a gentle woman and quiet in her work. She knows her onions. I’m looking forwards to this positive future of mine. And a choice of love (now we’re talking).  Thank you Sandra, a brilliant reading. Talk to this woman she is quietly awesome. I came off the phone grinning.”

“Have to leave feedback for the jaw dropping Sandra. OMG! Not only did she predict correctly when I would have a Skype interview for a job in the USA, I live in London but she predicted the exact same questions they asked. She went on to say I would get another one but I would want this one. Bang on just had another Skype one and really liked the first place. She predicted I would get offers from both in 3 days and I did! I’m over the moon the tarot that came out for me was celebration and the sun. Sandra you are a star and helped eased my mind before interview and after. I have been waiting years for this to happen. Thank you so much for your guidance Sandra and your guides.”

“I love how Jan-lee and Will are absolutely stunning with there clairvoyant skills! Tanya is phenomenal with her honest and real-ness and for Sandra and Barbra who I adore dearly they are God sent. I’m so appreciative for this site and to the above [readers] that I found to be breath-taking stunning. They all have kept me on the right track and just so happen to be in sync with one another without knowing. I want to take the time to say thank you all! I hope God continue to bless you all gifts and talents forever!”

“I have been a Michelle Knight Customer for three years now, and have enjoyed readings from different psychics. Two weeks ago I thought I would have a reading with Sandra (2198). If I’m honest I was slightly cynical about Sandra’s optimism about my acting career. I was actually thinking of giving it all up, but she assured me I would book a job/casting in one week! I’m my mind I though “that would be great but I don’t think so.” Well, the next day I got a call from my agent to go for a casting and I had got the job three days later! I was so shocked, I had to call Sandra back and tell her the amazing news. Sandra receives all her messages from her amazing spirit guides, whilst doing the tarot as well. Sandra has become my spiritual mentor and I look forward to updating her with all my career news soon.”

“Sandra is a psychic medium who works with the tarot. A tester said their reading had been fabulous! Describing Sandra as being an earthy person with a great sense of humour, who they loved listening to. Another tester found Sandra to be warm and friendly and that said that she had strong medium links. When she gave me my test reading the second thing she mentioned was Canada which was something that was on my mind that day.”