“Janine is one of the most astounding psychics I’ve ever had a reading from (and I’ve had a lot of readings!) this lady is a mind reader, literally telling me how I’ve been feeling and why. So much information it just flows, she’s predicted a very interesting few months for me that I’m looking forward to.”

“Jannine is an amazing reader. I am a practising psychic myself and I called Jannine for some insight on what is going on. She immediately picked up on me as a healer, she gave me many validations, she had an incredible amount of information that she passed through. She is truly amazing.”

“My thanks to Jannine for this evenings reading, particularly her lovely, caring warmth as well as her insight and perception.”

“I have just had a reading with Jannine. What can I say? She was amazing, clear and to the point. She was up beat. leaving me clear on my path,  Well done finding her. XXX”

“She was fabulous.”