“It was wonderful speaking to Maria. She picked up accurately on my partner who passed away and my children. She also picked up on my career choice and my move back to England. I felt that everything she said made sense to me. She gave me a better understanding of my personality and how to work with it.”

“I just wanted to say that I’ve spoken with a handful of your readers here and have been so blown away and blessed by my readings. They each gave me more clarity and prevented perspectives that I had never entertained. I especially want to thank Maria, who, through her spiritual healing, gave me the most peaceful state of mind that I desperately needed and helped me reconcile and understand the conflicts and underlying pulls of what I was feeling, seeing, and thinking.”

“I have had three readings now with Maria 2213 – she is amazing she describes the person we spoke about in such depth and gives details about their personality and other things that are spot on. She has helped me see the truth of a situation and helped me understand it more, everything made sense thanks to Maria. She is a beautiful soul who is very gifted and it is an absolute pleasure to receive a reading from her. It is truly astonishing the things she picks up on.”

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“Just wanted to say Maria said a lot of which I hope comes into my life. One of the last comments was “do you like purple and gold? She said she was seeing that. I said not especially, I’m more a silver girl. however just 48 hours later my daughter picked up  her brand new club tracksuit, which I didn’t know was purple ,  and won her first gold medal in an event and a bronze.  We had been talking about my daughter’s just previously and I really think that is what she saw!!  She also mentioned the exact date of an event I would be at, I hadn’t worked out the timings on the phone, but when I looked at my calendar I was amazed that it was bang on the date.”


pin: 2160

“I’d love leave few words for all the wonderful readers I’ve talked to over the year and half  here..
Beautiful Carol, Sharie, Hazel, Elona, Nicola_C, Jan-Lee, Lydia, Lynn, Maria, Saffy, Sam, Virginia..
and not forgetting amazing and always helpful lovely Julie at the reception desk !
I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart… you were all guiding stars in my darkest hours, assisting in finding my way back into the light.
I feel grateful to you all, as your warmth, sincerity & guidance in many ways I’ve always felt very deeply. What a wonderful team you have here Michele.”

“I’ve had several reading with Maria, and would like to express deepest gratitude for her help and guidance with regards to my relationship. It feels as if I was talking with a friend. Her readings always confirm what I deep down already know, and her insight is simply amazing .
Her readings always leave me empowered, calm and positive.”

“I have just had a reading with Maria. She was amazing and lifted my spirits with her immediate connection and her knowledge on what I was ringing about. I will definitely call her again – it was a joy to speak to her.”

“I had a beautiful reading with Maria today. WOW! Yes the reading was very positive for me but she truely is outstanding. I have used many readers on this site ( which i think is brilliant and all great in their own way) but for me this was the best reading. She picked up my situation and what has been going on in my life. She is so kind and sensitive yet very detailed and prescriptive. She gave me general information when i asked for it but when I asked for specifics she was able to provide this too. She has also helped me on my own pathway spiritually. Maria is truely amazing and for me her style of reading was perfect for where I am at right now. Maria is also a healer and I picked this up in her reading as she delivered it with such genuinity and understanding. Such a kind and lovely lady i am so privileged that I had my reading with her.”

“I have just had an astonishing reading with Maria, she could see what was happening with me so clearly, and it is a complex situation. She was helpful and very compassionate and warm. She was able to describe both me and my husband. I was upset when I rang her and feel so much better.”

“I would like to leave some feedback for the wonderful Maria, i have had many readings with Maria as i have faced a very difficult year or so and she has always been there for me, her readings have been a life line to me, everything she has told me bit by bit has come true, she is an incredible psychic who is truly kind, caring with a beautiful healing soul, Maria has without doubt got an amazing gift and i have told all my friends about her, if you have a reading with her you will be left feeling so uplifted and positive, i cant thank her enough for helping me she is an angel, if you are lucky enough to talk with her you will be amazed at her kindness and warmth.”

“I would just like to leave some feedback for Maria. I had a reading with her a couple of weeks ago as I was facing a very difficult and unexpected situation. She reassured me that she could see nothing bad and that she could see a celebration.  Last Thursday I had the best news ever and we celebrated with a bottle of champers. Thank you Maria you are a very gifted lady.”

“Michele thank you so much for Lynn, Maria and Jan lee, they have helped me and guided me through the bumps on my path with great compassion and understanding. They are amazing and I am so so greatful for their insights and guidance, they are all truly gifted. I to quote lynn will “keep on keeping on” knowing the best is yet to come they have given me an inner strength that I did not realise I had. love to you all.”

“I would like to leave a comment for Maria – I decided to call her when I watched her video where she is presenting herself and her methods – to tell the truth I couldn’t stop watching the video and played it several times in a row – there was such powerful energy emanating from it! I instantly felt uplifted, calm and peaceful … then I called. I talked to Maria twice and each time was amazing, her energy is truly healing (no wonder she is a healer). First of all when speaking to her the second time Maria remembered me and the details of my issue! Above all that I received a down to earth, wonderful guidance – a very detailed insight both on my matter and a difficult relationship – Maria not only tuned into my energy but also the energy of the person I was concerned about – she saw details and brought to the surface issues known only to me and to that person – and what is more Maria gave me advice that was perfect for me – nothing based on some self empowerment literature – she was there for me and really engaged herself into finding best solutions and guidance. Overall – I am tremendously grateful to this amazing lady who is a truly gifted healer, psychic and a very warm, friendly and empathic lady. I will surely call her again. Thank you very much and God bless you.”

“Over the last month I have been in a very bad place in my life and have had readings from Jan Lee, Maria, Martine, Saffy and Lynn. They have all predicted the the same outcome to a situation and have given unconditional love and support. I cannot thank them all enough. In my darkest hours they have given me light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank you to them all loads of love and happiness to them all. Thank you Michele for finding them all and letting them share their gifts which help so many people.”

“I have just had the most amazing reading with Maria – she was so lovely and helpful and acurate with what she said to me.  Everything made so much sense.  I look forward to speaking to her again soon and the whole website is so fantastic and informative aswell! Thank you.”

“I just wanted to thank Maria for her reading – she is so lovely and has given me hope. Along with Jan Lee I couldn’t ask for anything more they truly wonderful readers full of kindness and love. I would highly recommend them both.”

“I had a reading with Maria today, she was wonderful with my relationship situation, everything made so much sense and was clear.  Thank you Maria.”

“I just had a reading with Maria and what Maria told me was so true that I can’t quite believe it. She mentioned things that no one else knows about me, it certainly brought clarity to my mind. Maria has given me the guidance I was looking for and I am truly grateful for this. Thank you again for a very informative and helpful reading. Maria is truly a wonderful person.”

“I’ve just had a reading with Maria, and was very impressed.  She picked up on several things that couldn’t be guessed at, and without my prompting her. I would happily recommend her to anyone.”

“Wise, gentle and very caring, Maria is a joy to speak with. I have had a couple of readings and at my lowest point she has given me back my belief in myself, and my hope for the future. She knew of my troubles before I had even highlighted them, and spoke to me with kindness and love which I dearly needed. I have spoken to many of my friends about Maria, and they will be calling in soon, if they haven’t done so already. Thank you for giving me my sanity back.”

“I would like to leave some feedback for Maria (pin 2213). She provided me with the most honest and uplifting reading that has given me comfort in a difficult time where I was feeling so sad. Maria was impressive in identifying the current situation, as well as the personalities of the loved ones around me. She gave me some excellent advice on how to deal with the situation and I now feel stronger. A beautiful, comforting reading from a lovely and amazing psychic. Thank you so much Maria – what a star!”

“I would like to acknowledge many of your readers, who are all gems in their own right, with attention to Nina and Maria. Thank you so much for this mystical sanity in our sometimes bewildering world.”

“Maria –  such a beautiful person! pleasure to talk to. She’s a deep, sensitive, smart lady!”

“I just had a reading with Maria 2213. Maria picked up things that are happening to me now and has given me hope for the future. What a fantastic, talented reader. Will ring her again for sure.”

“I had a reading with Maria, and I would like to say thank you.  I was feeling very low and she gave me hope for the future. Maria told me things I didn’t want to hear but I knew I had to face, but she also gave me an insight into my future which gave me some excitement for what will be coming up.  I now look forward to what is ahead of me and not what is behind me.  Thank you Maria for showing me the way forward.”

“Maria – thank you so much for the recent healing readings which were very empowering and helped me make sense of my unexpected challenges.  Your wise counsel and kindess has been really appreciated by me.  Your video clip really resonated with me and you certainly deliver with your own unique style of holistic readings.  Bless you.”

“I have just had a reading with Maria.  She immediately picked up on my issue and dealt with it so sensitively.  Her approach was so gentle and positive, it took a great burden from me and left me with hope for the imminent future.  Maria also has a lovely voice that heals and radiates spirituality.  I would recommend her to anyone who is feeling stressed and under the weather.  To hear Maria’s voice and the content of her reading is healing.”

“I had a reading with Maria today and she is great. Everything she said was so true. I would recommend Maria to everyone. She is also a lovely person.”

“Highly recommended, she confirmed what I thought thank you.”

“I had a telephone reading with Maria yesterday and what a kind and empathetic person she is. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear she told me what I needed to hear about a personal relationship. She also told me I was coming into some money and I thought she was talking about an inheritance I had recently received. I was blown away when I received a letter  to let me know they had underpaid me last year. Let’s hope her prediction of the man of my dreams coming soon will come to fruition. Thank you for the clarity.”

“Hi, I would like to leave feedback for Maria. She is such a kind and insightful lady. Thanks so much Maria, you are a gem! Xx”

“I just had a reading with Maria 2213. It was excellent.  I recommend her to everyone who needs balance and uplifting reading and to them who want see the bigger picture in difficult situation.”

“I wanted to leave feedback for the lovely Maria. She picked up  on my current situation and tuned into my feelings. She was warm, empathic and sensitive. Maria has a beautiful healing energy and gave a detailed reading. Thank-you Maria. Love and peace to you.”