“I’ve just come out of a telephone reading with Mary and OMG Wow. She was able to pick up on my own gift and spirit guides, described them perfectly. She also read in to my future. And my present, what I’ve been going through these last few months. I would highly recommend Mary, she’s an amazing reader.”

“I would like to leave a review for Mary! WOW WOW WOW! Last night she blew me away with some amazing information. She tuned straight into the situation and gave me amazing insight. Last night she gave me information on someone in my life with an M name. This morning some of the things she told me came true. He is over visiting the states and sent me a picture from Vegas (the very next day wow). She is kind and easy to talk to and I just wish we had longer to talk. I will definitely be calling Mary again.”

“I have just had a very lovely reading with Mary. She has really put my mind at ease and given me the strength and confidence to move on with my life. I will definitely be speaking to Mary again. She’s such a beautiful soul.”

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“I had a fabulous reading this morning from Mary. I was feeling quite low at the time and by the end of our conversation I felt like a refreshing uplifting breeze had past over me. Mary tuned straight away into some of the issues I have been experiencing in a calm and supportive manner. She brought up some of the big life changes I had been contemplating, even down to suggesting looking into writing. Something I had been thinking about lately but lacked the confidence to follow through.”

“Ive had two readings with Mary 2267. She is brilliant, she picked up on things I was not even aware of at the time, one of them being someone having commitment issues which makes sense now. She has a lovely energy and picks up on everything so easily, she is an amazing psychic.”

“I would like to express how grateful I am to have spoken to Mary. I have had two readings with her and each time I have felt so peaceful and calm afterwards. I don’t find it very easy to put into words. She is just one of the most beautiful encounters I have ever experienced and that was via a phone call! It is rather wonderful to know that there are extra special people who are sincere, loving, kind and honest who use their gifts in such a gentle and caring way.”

“I just had a reading with Mary. [Regarding] my current situation and my boyfriend, she described him and recent events perfectly. It has given me the reassurance that I needed and understanding of his difficulties. I also had a reading with Trinity a few weeks ago and she also summed up my situation and with how things subsequently developed.”

“I just had a wonderful reading with Mary 2267. She immediately tuned into the energy and feelings around my situation, giving key information that I immediately identified with. Mary delivers clear information in a loving, positive way. She made me feel able to focus and to know how to progress, an important part of giving readings. Her energy is just lovely and she clearly has a real talent! She described my situation and the feelings and thoughts of those involved as if she knew us personally. Credit to Michele’s fabulous website! Thank you!”

“I had a fabulous reading from Mary (id 2267). I feel she correctly picked up on the emotional feelings of a friend which has helped me to understand her much better. She helped boost my confidence in a potential relationship.”

“I would like to praise Mary on the tremendous reading she has just done for me. She linked with a relative of mine, picked up straight away on my healing abilities, the work I wish to do and the degree course I have already completed. She gave clear, detailed information about my strengths, my work situation and the love interest due to come into my life soon and his young daughter. Mary gave me the validation, comfort and support I need at this time, which has helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to pursue my dreams. Mary is a gentle, kind, compassionate person so I felt very comfortable speaking to her.”

“I’ve just had a reading with Mary – what a sweet kind soul with tremendous empathy. She gave clear answers to my questions and I would definitely recommend her.”

“I called with Mary (pin no. 2267) today as i wanted a bit of insight into my love life which has been causing me a bit of confusion of late. I was really impressed (and quite amazed) by the things Mary picked up on! First of all she described the cause of my confusion perfectly (that the man in question appeared to be too-ing and froo-ing a little bit!) and when she described this was due to insecurities relating to his relationship with his father, i was really blown away. I had wondered if this was something to do with the problems that keep coming up now – and the fact that Mary picked up on it has really put my mind at rest that i am doing nothing wrong and that with a bit of gentle honesty and calm patience i can hopefully coax him out of this sort of behaviour! On top of this Mary has a lovely calming and gentle energy, which really helped me as i felt quite nervous about having a reading before i called. She was a lovely lady and her insights have really helped clear my perspective. Thank you Mary!”

“She went back years and I found out everything that I needed to know which has put my mind at rest and enabled me to move on. Mary’s lovely energy was with me all day after the reading. I would definately recommend Mary and will be calling her again in the future.”

“Had a lovely reading with Mary, she was brilliant and I felt like I was really connecting with my father who passed in june 2006, I was crying but she was very comforting and I felt so peaceful afterwards, thank you.”

“Had a reading with Mary and do have to say was stunned. Her reading was very personal and emotional. She described my grandfather whom I never met as passed to spirit at 49 and also my father who was 52 when he went. She described my current situation perfectly regarding work choices and that I was at a cross roads. She also described how my youngest boy was feeling emotionally which made her tearful and went on to describe his intellegence and how he found mixing in at school so difficult. She is a truly wonderful very gifted lady. Thank you. x”

“I just had the most beautiful reading with Mary. She has such a calming beautiful energy, I could feel it washing over me. She was such a delight to talk to and I feel very appreciative of her sharing her insights with me. She was able to tune into me, what I’d just been doing, what i was thinking about doing and give me hope for the future. I spoke to Mary back in May and the predictions she gave me have come to pass. The images she could see then were almost how they were through my eyes, when the events happened…amazing. Thank you so much Mary, bless you x.”

“Had a reading with her yesterday and she was absolutely brilliant. She was so detailed, she focused on my mum who passed 10 years ago and because of her it felt like i was talking to my mum again. I will be calling her again and again.”

“Mary has very good energy. She’s pleasure to talk to. Highly recommend. Many thanks.”